MongoDB Installation Script/startup script/configuration file

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Installation scripts

#!/bin/bash  #author:  qingfeng#qq: 530035210#blog: # Automatic installation of MongoDB and initialization configuration # The default configuration is as follows  logdir=/data/log/shell            #日志路径log = $logdir/shell.log             #日志文件  is_font=1                  #终端是否打印日志:  1 printing  0 not printing  is_log=0                   #是否记录日志:  1 record  0 not recorded random_time=$ (date +%y%m%d_%h%m%s) Mongodb_pakges= "Mongodb-linux-x86_64-2.4.9.tgz"  mongodb_conf=mongodb.confmongodb_init=mongodbdatef () {Date   "+%y-%m-%d %h:%m:%s"} print_log () {if [[  $is _log -eq 1  ]];then[[  -d  $logdir  ]] | |  mkdir -p  $logdirecho   "[ $ (DATEF)  ] $1"  >>  $logfiif [[  $is _font -eq 1  ]];thenecho -e  "[ $ (DATEF)  ] $1 "fi}if [[  ! -f  $mongodb _conf ]];thenprint_log " MongoDB configuration file does not exist, exit: $mongodb _ Conf "exitelse.  $mongodb _conffi install () {If [[  -d  /usr/local/mongodb   ]];thenprint_log  "MongoDB has been installed, please do not repeat the installation:/usr/local/mongodb" exitfiprint_log  "unzip the file, please later ..." tar -zxf  $mongodb _pakges  -c /usr/local/mv /usr/local/$ (echo  $mongodb _ pakges|sed  "s/.tgz//g")    /usr/local/mongodbif [[  -d  /usr/local /mongodb  ]];thenprint_log  "MongoDB has been installed successfully:/usr/local/mongodb" elseprint_log  "MongoDB has failed to install :/usr/local/mongodb "fiif [[ -d  $dbpath   ]];thenprint_log " mongodb:  Data Catalog: $ DBPath already exists "elsemkdir -p   $dbpath  fi lastname=$ (echo " $logpath " |awk -f '/'   ' {print $nf } ') mongodblog=$ (echo  $logpath  | sed  "s/$lastname//g") if [[ -d $ mongodblog  ]];thenprint_log  "mongodb:  log directory: $mongodblog already exists" elsemkdir -p  $ mongodblogfi if [[ !  -d /usr/local/mongodb/conf ]];thenmkdir -p   /usr/local/mongodb/confcp  $mongodb _conf  /usr/local/mongodb/conffiprofile_num=$ (cat  /etc/profile |grep mongodb |wc -l) if [[  $profile _num -eq 0   ]];thenecho  "Mongodbpath=/usr/local/mongodb/bin:\ $PATH"   >> /etc/profileecho  " Export mongodbpath " >> /etc/profilefiif [[ ! -f  $mongodb _init    ]];thenprint_log  "mongodb:  startup script already exists." elsecp  $mongodb _init  /etc/init.d/chmod a+x /etc/init.d/$mongodb _initchkconfig - -add  $mongodb _initchkconfig  $mongodb _init onfi print_log  "Initialization configuration complete." print_log  "Data directory: $dbpath   log file: $mongodblog" print_log  "configuration directory is:/usr/local/mongodb/conf" Print_log   "Startup script:/etc/init.d/$mongodb _init"} install

Startup scripts

#!/bin/sh  # chkconfig: 2345 93 18  # author:qingfeng #  description:mongodb (MongoDB-2.4.9)    #默认参数设置 #mongodb  Home directory   mongodb_home=/usr/ local/mongodb#mongodb  Start command   mongodb_bin= $MONGODB _home/bin/mongod#mongodb  configuration file mongodb_conf= $MONGODB _home/conf/mongodb.conf#mongodb pidmongodb_pid=/var/run/ Maximum file open number limit system_maxfd=65535# mongodb  name   mongodb_name= "MONGODB".  /etc/rc.d/init.d/functionsif [ ! -f   $MONGODB _bin ]then        echo  "$MONGODB _name  startup:  $MONGODB _bin not exists!  "           exitfistart () { ulimit -hsn  $SYSTEM _maxfd  $MONGODB _bin --config= "$MONGODB _conf"    ret=$? if [  $ret  -eq 0 ]; then     action $ "starting  $MONGodb_name:  " /bin/true else    action $" Starting  $MONGODB _name:   " /bin/false fi      }stop () {         pid=$ (ps aux |grep  "$MONGODB _name"  |grep  "$MONGODB _conf"  |grep  -V GREP |WC -L)          if [[  $PID  -eq 0  ]];then        action $ "Stopping   $MONGODB _name:  " /bin/false        exit         fi        kill -HUP  ' Cat   $MONGODB _pid '         ret=$?         if [  $ret  -eq 0 ]; then                 action $ "stopping  $MONGODB _name: "  /bin/true                 rm -f  $MONGODB _pid         else                    action $ "stopping  $MONGODB _name: "  /bin/false        fi}restart ()  {         stop        sleep 2         start}case  "$"  in         Start)                 start                 ;;         sTop)                 stop                 ;;         status)         status   $prog                 ;;         restart)                  restart                 ;;         *)                  echo $ "Usage: $0 {start|stop|status|restart}" Esac

MongoDB configuration file

dbpath=/data/db #数据目录存在位置logpath =/data/logs/mongodb/mongodb.log #日志文件存放目录port =27017 #端口fork =true #以守护程序的方式启用, That is, in the background run #auth=true #开始认证verbose =truevvvv=true #启动verbose冗长信息, it has a level of vv~vvvvv,v more levels, the more information recorded in the log file. maxconns=20000 # Default value: Depends on the system (that is, the Ulimit and file descriptor) limits. MongoDB does not restrict its own connections. Logappend=true #写日志的模式: Set to True for append. Pidfilepath=/var/run/ #设置为true会强制mongodb每4s报告cpu利用率和io等待 to write log messages to standard output or log files. Directoryperdb=ture #数据目录存储模式, if you directly modify the original data will be missing #nohttpinterface=false #28017 Port open Services. Default false, support #notablescan=false# does not prohibit table scan operation Profile=0 #数据库分析等级设置, 0 off 2 on. Includes all operations. 1 Open. Only slow operations are included. slowms=200 #记录profile分析的慢查询的时间, the default is 100 milliseconds. Quiet=true syncdelay=60 #刷写数据到日志的频率 to manipulate data by Fsync. Default 60 seconds

MongoDB Installation Script/startup script/configuration file

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