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Gains, more than Oracle

Author of basic information: Liang jingbin Liang jinhong Press: Electronic Industry Press ISBN: 9787121200700 mounting Date: April 2013 publication date: 16 open pages: 480 versions: 1-1 category: more about computers, more about what we get, more than what we get from Oracle, more than Oracle, readers will sort out the knowledge of Oracle databases along with the author, and finally extract the knowledge that must be mastered first, whether you are a database developer, management, optimization, or designer, or a developer engaged in Java and C. Next, I will further extract the most practical content from this part of the knowledge and share it with you. This is a classic application of the phenomenon. This knowledge is the physical architecture, logical architecture, tables, indexes, and table connections of oracle. By reading these chapters, readers will complete their understanding of the Oracle database in the shortest time in the shortest possible way, not only can they solve common problems in their work, it also has certain design and optimization capabilities. I believe that the study of these chapters will bring great gains to readers in Oracle learning. However, what I want most to see is: let the readers get more than oracle. To achieve this goal, the author carefully divided the book into the next two articles. The specific knowledge points described just now are embodied in the previous article of the book, and in the next article, readers will learn how to learn and think about it through various wonderful stories and vivid cases, and fly freely and freely in the sky of consciousness. Here, readers may have questions about the easiest way in history? Please let me reveal the answer to your questions. The first part of the catalog "harvest, not just oracle" opens the door to surprises-learn chapter 1st of Oracle consciousness with consciousness, do less work from learning to start 21.1 select first to learn what is quite knowledgeable 21.1.1 teacher Liang burst into the classroom opening 21.1.2 seemingly problematic mobile phone classification 41.1.3 learn what to do first understand what to do 51.2 good at planning classification to have the effect 71.2.1 classification and closely related roles 71.2.2 role self-recognition 91.3 understanding what the application is meaningful 11 chapter 2nd shock, experience the physical system journey 132.1 series of knowledge that must be mentioned 132.2 physical system from the old store slowly spread 162.2.1 old three stories customer size effective adjustment of record habits 182.2.2 Architecture principle overview starting from a common query SQL 20172.2.2.2 the old story is always easy to understand Oracle cost 272.2.3 Architecture Principles and then 302.2.3.1 updating from a common Statement description 302.2.3.2 system structure submission discussion 342.2.3.3 model selection 382.2.3.4 rollback research 402.2.3.5 consistent query 432.2.3.6 principle of consistent read 462.2.3.7 practice 492.3 system learning improve SQL Performance by a thousand times 652.3.1 exploring the significance of learning the system together 652.3.1.1 students do not know what to learn with 662.3.1.2 actually useful before 672.3.2 cycling to the ship's classic journey 702.3.2.1 is not optimized, bike speed 702.3.2.2 Bind Variable, motorcycle speed 722.3.2.3 static rewrite, automotive speed 742.3.2.4 batch submit, EMU speed 752.3.2.5 set writing, aircraft speed 772.3.2.6 direct path, rocket speed 782.3.2.7 parallel settings, ship Speed 792.3.3 wonderful summary and course outlook 802.3.3.1 the biggest achievement should be thought 802.3.3.2 teacher's course outlook and planning 81 Chapter 3rd magic, go into the logic body Department of world 843.1 long and young orderly logic system 843.2 logic system from the old breeding detailed discussion of 853.2.1 farm system logic structure 853.2.2 farm block about 893.2.3 farm areas and section 913.2.4 table space classification of farm 933.2.4.1 table space first understanding of the logical structure of 943.2.5.1 to the logic structure of the logical structure of tablespace953.2.5.3 user973.2.5.4 segment983.2.6 Logical Structure experience 1003.2.6.1 block size and adjustment 1003.2.6.2 pctfree parameters and adjustment 1013.2.6.3 pctfree and Effective Range 1023.2.6.4 extent size and adjustment 1033. 2.7 The third time in the logical structure, experience using and unused tablespaces tablespace size and automatic expansion 1053.2.7.3 rollback tablespace new and switch between creating and switching between temporary tablespaces temporary tablespaces new and switching between 1113.2.7.5 temporary tablespace groups and their usage 1143.3 course ended you have placed wings on the program 1173.3.1 excessive expansion and performance 1173.3.2 pctfree and performance 1203.3.3 line migration and optimization 1233.3.4 block size and application Chapter 124 congratulations, table design achievements hero 1314.1 table design five flowers 1314.2 table features from the old one describe 1324.2.1 the old one Director 1324.2.2 General heap table deficiencies 1324.2.2.1 the table Update log overhead is large 1334.2.2.2 Delete cannot release space 1364.2.2.3 the table record is too large to retrieve slow 1394.2.2.4 the overhead of index-return table reading is very large 1404.2.2.5 ordered insertion is difficult to read 143 4.2.3 unique global temporary table 1464.2.3.1 analysis of global temporary table types 1464.2.3.2 observation of the redo volume of various DML 1474.2.3.3 two important features of global temporary table 1494.2.4 Shentong majority of Partition Table 1534.2.4.1 Partition Table type and principle most Partition Table practical features 1654.2.4.3 partition index type description 1764.2.4.4 Partition Table related traps 1774.2.5 interesting index organization table 1844.2.6 cluster Table introduction and application 1874.3 understanding table design you become the project team hero Chapter 189 marvel, index world cannot be said 1915.1 seemingly simple and boring index knowledge 1915.2 index exploring the secrets starting from small attackers 1925.2.1 btree index wonderful world 1925.2.1.1 btree index structure diagram shows the physical or logical structure 1945.2.1.3 three Index Structures important features: 1985.2.1.4 plug-in and play a story about cool and evil. 2015.2. 1.5 tips use three features with a low height 2035.2.1.6 use the three features to store the column value 2195.2.1.7 use the three features index order 2485.2.1.8 not to mention the primary key design 2655.2.1.9 combination index efficient design essentials 2725.2.1.10 View index harm 2895.2.1.11 how to reasonably control the number of indexes 2955.2.2 the thorn of the rose in the bitmap index 2975.2.2.1 the number of statistics is brave enough to win 2975.2.2.2 ad hoc query a ride in the dust, encounter updates, miserable, low repetition, poor understanding of the structure careful function indexing step-by-step traps 3155.2.3.1 Column Operations make the index ineffective 3155.2.3.2 function indexing is applied in this way 3175.2.3.3 avoids the classic case of Column Operations 3195.3 index makes a series of the most familiar SQL fly up Chapter 325 classic, what can I learn about table connection? Using 3276.1 table connection: Jiangnan sanjianke 32 76.2 three types of dancing from Xiao Yu one by one come 3286.2.1 dancing can also jump out of connection type 3286.2.1.1 feeling weird nested loop 3286.2.1.2 sort merge and hash connection 3296.2.2 differences in various connection access times 3306.2.2.1 nested loop table access times 3306.2.2.2 hash join table access times 3376.2.2.3 sort merged table access times 3406.2.3 drive order differences of various types of connections 3416.2.3.1 nested loop table drive order 3416.2.3.2 table drive order of hash join 3436.2.3.3 sort merged table drive order 3456.2.4 Analysis of sorting of various types of connections sorting of all types except nested loops sorting only requires partial fields classic cases on Sorting 3496.2.5 comparison of various connection restrictions scenario 3506.2.5.1 constraints of hash connections 3506.2.5.2 sorting and merging limit 3536.2.5.3 nested loops by no limit of 3556.3 The table you are equipped with is connected to weizhen three army 3556.3.1 nested loop and index 3566.3.2 hash connection and index 3626.3.3 sort and merge and index 363 next article flying consciousness sky-thoughts and cases sharing chapter 7th! No technical support. 3687.1 SQL statements are dropped by a single knife. 3697.2 the entire module is discarded. 3707.3 calls are reduced. 3717.4 sorting is no longer required. 3727.5 large tables are cut into small tables. 3737.6 sorting and re-operations disappear. 3737.7 Inserts it's a little more than 3747.8 migration tasks, so we don't need to upgrade Chapter 375! By using technology to change the invisible knife, 3778.1 large tables are equivalent to small tables, 3788.2 large tables are cut into small tables, 3798.3 indexes are converted into small tables, and 3808.4 deletion operations are not performed. The 3808.5 clearance table angle is changed, and the 3818.6 submission times are reduced, and 3828.7 migration is faster and faster. 3848.8 SQL statements are simplified in Chapter 385, it is also the embodiment of wisdom. 3919.1 the description should be considered comprehensively. 3929.2 the words should be as accurate as possible. 3939.3 the description should be concise. 3949.4 the question should be avoided.
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