Mysql-5.5.17-win64 Installation Method

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  1. Double-click the Mysql-5.5.17-win64.msi to start the installation and the following interface appears

  2. 2

    Click Next, the following interface appears, the default is typical, the re-election is custom, click Next

  3. 3

    After selecting MySQL server, click the browser button

  4. 4

    To ensure that the database data remains unaffected when the system crashes, it is recommended that you also install the non-system disk and copy its installation directory;

  5. 5

    After selecting Server data files, click the browser button, consistent with the MySQL server method, paste the MySQL server installation directory directly, click Next

  6. 6

    Click the Install button to start the installation, followed by the following two screens are clicked next

  7. 7

    Click the Finish button

  8. 8

    Click Next

  9. 9

    Select detailed configuration (verbose), click Next;

  10. 10

    To select server machine (server mode), click Next;

  11. Select Multifunctional database (multi-function DB mode), click Next;

  12. Click Next

  13. Select Manual Setting (manually set the number of connections) and enter the maximum number of connections allowed, Concurrent connections fill in 2000

  14. Check the option enable TCP/IP Networking and enable Strict Mode,port the number column for 3306 (the default port for MySQL) remains the same, click Next

  15. The interface is to set the encoding format, select manual Selected default Character set/collaction (manually set), Character set Select UTF8, click Next

  16. Tick include Bin Directory in Windows PATH (that is, allow the Windows command line to manage the database directly), click Next

    Or not, because Windows rarely uses DOS windows to manipulate databases

  17. New root Password Enter root admin password, confirm to confirm password, click Next

  18. Click Execute, and then wait for MySQL to start performing the configuration

  19. The following screen appears, that is, the bottom 4 items all appear after the blue check the installation end

  20. END

Mysql-5.5.17-win64 Installation Method

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