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  1. First step: Download.

    A. As the saying goes: "Paddle"! I use the ZIP Archive version of this, Win7 64-bit machine support this, so I suggest to use this. Because it's simple, and it's clean.

    Address See figure

    Pull down the bottom, see clearly the 64bit ZIP Archive, click Download.

  2. 2

    B. After the opening will go to another page, but did not start to download, this time do not fear, do not understand it is OK, you just know that he is to let you log in (login), or apply for an account (sign up) on the line, login or successful application will start the download. (Remember the password to the combination of letters and numbers, letters should be uppercase)

  3. 3

    C. Note: Passwords must be combined with letters and numbers, with uppercase letters

  4. 4

    D. Of course, if you have an account, you can also log in directly

  5. 5

    Click Downnow after success. File is not big, only 200 m, very soon, a little bit (after success is said to arrive below this place, but if you do not know this, you find it yourself, or directly quit, repeat the above steps, choose to login that just.

  6. 6

    In many words, MySQL is open source database, so-called open source is able to view the source code, I believe that many children's boots will be interested in this. So where is the source code?

    When I just entered-(the first picture that address). There is a select Platform, choose the following source code on the line.

    (similarly if you want to download MySQL under the Linux platform is also here to find)

    Download complete, proceed to install and configure

  7. 7

    Second Step: Install (Unzip)

    The ZIP version archive is free to install. Just unzip the line. It's no different from the installation version, but it doesn't need to be installed. Find the downloaded right-click to select (Unzip to ... ), find the place you want to install, like to put C: the choice of C: disk, do not like to choose one of their own, small parts like to put D: disk, after all, C: system disk put too much bad. After the decompression is OK, is it very simple? You know the benefits of the ZIP archive version?

  8. 8

    Are you going to ask? How to use AH? The mysql inside the \ bin point. EXE how to come out a black window will not react?

    No response because the service hasn't been opened yet!

    No, it's not open, okay?

    Service is not installed!

    How to install?

    Let's talk about it!

  9. Step Three: Configure default files

    In fact, in theory now it is possible to install the service directly, but because it is the default configuration, we use a lot of problems. For example, the Chinese characters are all garbled and so on, so it is recommended that you configure the default files first. In mysql-x.x.xx-winx64 (small part of the 5.6.17 according to their own version) under the directory, create a new My.ini. Copy the following code to save the OK. My.ini will replace the following My-default.ini file. ini file is a configuration file inside window. Save the various default data inside. The installation version of the installation is to let you choose your own and then the system to save you in, Zip archive is to write their own, all the same. What does the code syntax mean? Children's Shoes check the relevant information for themselves. After all, I can't say one or two words. This file is loaded while the software is running.

  10. Code: (Change the inside D:\mysql\mysql-5.6.17-winx64 to your own software path, save)


    # Set the MySQL client default character set




    Port = 3306

    # set up the MySQL installation directory


    # Set up a storage directory for MySQL database data


    # Maximum number of connections allowed


    # The character set used by the service side defaults to the 8-bit encoded latin1 character set


    # The default storage engine that will be used when creating a new table


  11. Step four: Install MySQL service

    A start-up in the search bar inside the input cmd, the above will come out a cmd.exe, do not busy to determine, to right-click this cmd.exe select an administrator to run this option. Otherwise there will be an insufficient error code, the specific number of forgotten. This is a feature of Win7. You know, it's fine. If My.ini write wrong, the error code is 1067.

    (You can also find this cmd.exe in the C:\Windows\System32 directory, also right-click it, as Administrator.) )

  12. After you open the CMD window as an administrator, switch the directory to the bin directory where you unzipped the files, and my directory is the one in the picture, and your words should be in your own directory. Re-enter mysqld install enter run on the line, note is mysqld, not MySQL

    A successful installation will be OK. I've already installed it, so that's the result.

    This is followed by the input net start MySQL startup service. Or do not bother to manually, open the service manually started the MySQL service.

  13. Tell us a simple way to Win7 open the service interface. Open Task Manager (right-click Task Manager or Ctrl+alt+delete, whatever you like). Click below the service is OK, is not very simple, than the control Panel that method is much simpler. Of course you can also enter services.msc in the CMD window is also possible.

  14. Step five: Open MySQL

    Or do you want to switch the directory to D:\mysql\mysql-x.x.xx-winx64\bin (what X.XX.XXX is based on your own version) input mysql-uroot-p, default is no password. Enter into, of course, my password has been set, so you need to enter the password to go in. If you have a password, you can mysql-uroot-p the password, it can be mysql-uroot-p enter the password, recommend the second, the reason, you know after the hands.

    How to set Password: mysqladmin-u root-p password password.

    Exit the exit and you're done. Remember to directly close the CMD window is not exited, to enter exit will not exit AH.

  15. Although MySQL is turned on, but every time you open MySQL to enter so many instructions to switch directories is not very annoying? How do you do that? Of course, I don't have to say, no, no hurry, I'll tell you.

    Right-click My Computer, properties, advanced system settings, environment variable->path-> edit, put the full path of the bin directory under your MySQL software inside. I suggest that the children's shoes should be placed at the front, and finally the path to the directory is appended with an English semicolon (;) to save the line. such as D:\mysql\mysql-x.x.xx-winx64\bin;

    Why do you do this? What's the principle? Simply saying that the path path inside the environment variable is the path to the CMD system's lookup directory. You enter a command, how does the system know that this command is there? What did the system do? In fact, the system is in the current directory and the system environment variable path inside the paths to find one side, find the first to prevail, can not find the error. So we either switch the cmd directory every time, or set up, and then do not need to switch the cmd path again.

    An analogy: The system is like a bus. Follow the established route. The path inside the environment variable is the route or station. Get Off (run) when you get to the station (find the first one).

  16. Now that we have the environment variables in place, let's run a little bit.

    Cmd->mysql-uroot-p-Enter password->show databases; Find database->use database name; switch database directory->show tables; lookup table SQL query Work select * FROM table name->exit exit.

    Other instructions are lost in the database operation, the small series will not repeat, you can find some related books.

  17. Small series is prefer to use the cmd window to operate MySQL, you used to find that he is so convenient and quick. Much better than that graphical interface, and you gave MySQL a graphical interface that lost his good meaning compared to the other two databases. Small series strongly does not recommend that you use a graphical interface to operate the MySQL database. But you really have to use me, and I can't. A few graphical management tools are recommended for you:

    1, PhpMyAdmin

    2, Mysqldumper

    3, Navicat

    4. MySQL GUI Tools

    5. MySQL ODBC Connector

    How to install these tools I believe that there will be many such as my tutorial on the Internet, we can look down.

  18. Additional steps: Slimming for your MySQL

    Have not found a problem, you download MySQL compression package only 200M a little more, can decompress only unexpectedly reach unexpectedly 1G more, right click your mysql-x.x.xx-winx64 directory, choose attribute to look at his size bar! Why this, in fact, or that problem, MySQL is open source database, the source files and debug files are not deleted, these files are actually no use, all deleted just. Delete the Dubug file and the. pdb file. Of course not only this one directory inside, find yourself, but do not delete the wrong. After the deletion is not found very much smaller!

Mysql Configuration

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