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MySQL has a lot of graphical management tools, in the end which is better to use it? This article will introduce several commonly used MySQL graphical management tools, some of the use and download methods, see below for details. If you feel useful, you can share it with more people.

MySQL has a lot of management and maintenance tools, in addition to the system comes with the command-line management tools, there are many other graphical management tools, here I introduce several frequently used MySQL graphical management tools for your reference.

MySQL is a very popular small relational database management system, was acquired by Sun Company on January 16, 2008. MySQL is now widely used in small and medium-sized websites on the internet. Because of its small size, fast speed, low total cost of ownership, especially the open source, many small and medium-sized web sites in order to reduce the total cost of ownership of the site chose MySQL as the site database.

1, PhpMyAdmin

phpMyAdmin is the most commonly used MySQL maintenance tool, is a PHP development Web-based architecture on the site host MySQL management tools, support Chinese, management database is very convenient. The disadvantage is that it is inconvenient to backup and restore the large database.

2, Mysqldumper

Mysqldumper use PHP developed MySQL database backup recovery program, solve the use of PHP for large database backup and recovery problems, the hundreds of trillion database can be easily backup recovery, do not worry about the slow speed caused by the middle of the problem, very easy to use. The software was developed by the Germans and there is no Chinese language pack.

3, Navicat

Navicat is a desktop version of MySQL database management and development tools. Like Microsoft SQL Server Manager, it's easy to learn and use. Navicat uses a graphical user interface that makes it easier for users to use and manage. Support in Chinese, free version available.

4. MySQL GUI Tools

MySQL GUI Tools is the official MySQL provided by the graphical management tools, the function is very powerful, it is worth recommending, unfortunately there is no Chinese interface.

5. MySQL ODBC Connector

MySQL is the official ODBC interface program, after the system installed this program, you can access MySQL through ODBC, so that you can achieve data conversion between SQL Server, Access and MySQL, but also support the ASP to access the MySQL database.

6. MySQL Workbench

MySQL Workbench is a unified visual development and management platform that provides a number of advanced tools to support database modeling and design, query development and testing, server configuration and monitoring, user and security management, backup and recovery automation, audit data inspection, and wizard-driven database migrations. MySQL Workbench is a Visual Database design software released by MySQL AB, formerly known as the Fabforce Company's Ddesigner 4. MySQL Workbench provides database administrators, program developers, and system planners with visual design, model creation, and database management capabilities. It contains the ER model for creating complex data modeling, forward and reverse database engineering, and can also be used to perform difficult-to-change and manageable document tasks that typically take a lot of time and need. The MySQL workbench can be used on Windows,linux and Macs.

7, SQLyog

SQLyog is an easy-to-use, fast and concise tool for graphically managing MySQL databases, and it is able to effectively manage your database from any location.

SQLyog is a simple, efficient and powerful graphical MySQL database management tool produced by the industry-renowned Webyog company. With SQLyog, you can quickly and intuitively maintain a remote MySQL database from anywhere in the world through the network.

SQLyog Download Address:

SQLyog Hack method: Https://

Registration code for the software:
Name: ddooo;

Certificate key: 8d8120df-a5c3-4989-8f47-5afc79c56e7c


A small app for managing MySQL. Main features include multi-document interface, syntax highlighting, drag-and-drop database and table, editable/can add/remove fields, editable/pluggable/deleted records, can display members, executable SQL scripts, provide interface with external programs, save data to CSV file etc.

Download Address:

9. Dbforge Studio for MySQL

Dbforge Studio for MySQL is a powerful tool designed to automate and simplify MySQL's work. It provides an easy way to explore and maintain existing databases, design composite SQL statements, and query and manipulate data in different ways.

Download Address: Https://

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