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Oracle many friends ask genuine Oracle database products and pirated products what is the difference, in fact, from the product technology itself, the difference is not small, you can download a database from the OTN website products, and then install the use of genuine and pirated the biggest difference is that If you buy a genuine product can enjoy the services provided by Oracle company, once the database problem, you can find Oracle Company's technical staff to solve, then Oracle specific service content, I summed up:

Standard support Services Standard Product Support

Standard services are the most basic services for obtaining Oracle Support services and access to the Oracle Knowledge Base, including:
Product Update Services that include the right to upgrade Oracle products, version maintenance, patches, and documentation
Product Support services to provide problem diagnosis and solutions in the following ways
o Metalink (Technical database, patch download, product certification information, technical data search).
O Global Service Engineer and Oracle Development Department (through support engineers), dedicated technical team, upgrade resources.
Product update Service-Update SUBSCRIPTION Services
The Product upgrade service provides customers with the power to obtain upgrades, maintenance versions, and patches for Oracle products released in the form of a CD package during the service period.
The yearly Product upgrade service enables customers to obtain the latest products and documentation. All Oracle support services, including access to Oracle Metalink and other related services, are based on product Upgrade services, and for product support, first purchase of product Upgrade services is required.
Product Upgrade services have the following benefits for customers:
Stability and predictability. Getting and installing the latest version of the product eliminates known issues and improves the stability of your Oracle system.
The latest technology. By implementing the latest technologies for your products, you can dramatically improve system effectiveness and availability, and enable your end users to access the latest Oracle technology improvements, including driving your business processes online.
New features. During the subscription, all new features and features of the products that Oracle publishes are immediately available to the customer.
Return on investment. As you develop on a technical and user base, you can increase your ROI and reduce the cost of new licenses by maintaining your existing subscription fees and eliminating the need for a re-purchase license.
Budget more easily. Because spending is predictable, you can avoid a sudden increase in costs and reduce financial risk at budget time.
Product Support-Products SUPPORT Services
Oracle Product Support Services can provide you with complete technical assistance to help you solve problems related to the installation and operation of Oracle software products and improve
The availability and reliability of your information systems maximizes your investment in Oracle technology and helps you achieve your business goals.
Oracle Product support is a flexible, easy-to-use service that delivers timely and effective support for all Oracle software products. Key features include:
Provides 24-hour troubleshooting and solution services through Oracle technical information and assistance. Oracle Product Support users can access technical experts directly through the telephone or Web site 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, to obtain problem identification, fault reporting and technical guidance. Technical support and problem validation include:
High-quality problem analysis and response
Prioritize based on the severity of the problem
Ensure immediate resolution of severity as a Level 1 issue
Oracle experts are professionally trained in problem analysis to take the approach to addressing critical, time-critical issues. Their rigorous technical training, combined with customer communication skills and hands-on experience with Oracle products and operating systems, ensure consistent, reliable, and professional responses to your problems and failures.
All service requests submitted through the Web site or phone must be logged, tracked, resolved, and will only be completed when you are satisfied. Prioritize service requests based on predefined severity levels, and severity levels are determined by the impact of the problem on the business. In addition, Oracle's partnership with best-of-breed hardware and software vendors will ensure the smooth delivery of information and service request status in the institutions involved.
Provide real-time solutions through 24x7 technical support.
No matter what day or day you request, Oracle product support ensures that you can consult a support expert on important issues. If you ask for help during regular business hours, you will get help in the local language. When you ask for help outside of regular business hours, your request is sent to an English-speaking expert at another Support Center.
Oracle's experts will respond to your request and address the issue based on the severity level of the problem. Problems with a severity level of 1 will be processed immediately and continuously until these problems are resolved. If the critical issue is not resolved before the Support Center gets off work, the details of the request received will be delivered to the supporting center that is working.
The global delivery and problem-validation process for product support will help you save money, maximize your services, and ensure that your critical technical issues are handled at any time, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
Web-rich technology resources-including the ability to access services and record and service requests through Metalink access to technology repositories. With 24x7 Metalink Services, we can help you increase your productivity and minimize the impact of your system failures on your business.
The content of Oracle product support mainly includes:
Hotline Support
Oracle China has established a National Hotline Support Center in Beijing. When a user system is running with technical issues related to Oracle products, it is easy to transfer the issue to the appropriate Support Center in the form of a phone, e-mail, fax, or Internet. Oracle China Support Center uses computer systems to uniformly record and track any technical issues you ask, and any technical issues from anywhere (including any technical issues reported by Oracle's consultants during the implementation of the system) will be "service requests" (services Requests, SR) is centrally documented in this Oracle's customer problem record and tracking system and assigns a unique problem identification number (SR number) to this technical issue.
For any SR that records your technical problems, the technical engineer at the Hotline Center will be responsible for recording, tracking, and processing the SR until the problem is resolved satisfactorily, and then with your consent we will close the Sr.
We will prioritize all SR to ensure that serious or urgent problems can be resolved in the shortest amount of time, depending on the extent to which the problem affects your system and assigns a severity rating to its corresponding Sr.
Global Free Call forwarding
The Oracle Technical Support Center enables global call forwarding to provide uninterrupted phone support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. When you dial a Hotline Support Center for technical assistance during a non-local working time, the system automatically transfers the call to a global support center that is still operating in the period overseas, allowing your problem to be handled without any time constraints.
ORACLE Directconnect (ODC)
Oracle Directconnect (ODC) is the software that Oracle Support Services provides the highest level of product services worldwide. ODC includes remote service, diagnostics, and online problem positioning. ODC adopts advanced communication technology to realize real-time communication between Oracle and customers so that the problem can be diagnosed and solved quickly. The ORACLE directconnect architecture has the following characteristics:
Establish secure, effective and reliable connections with customers
Provide active and passive services to users through connectivity
Effectively promote Oracle support services, Oracle Development Department and customer collaboration and communication.
Electronic Services-ORACLE Metalink
Oraclemetalink is a web-based electronic technology service offered by Oracle Global support services to Oracle customers worldwide. Customers can access the Metalink home page 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, without time constraints, and get information and solutions quickly and easily. Customers can use the Metalink online report "Technical assistance Request (SR)" and check its status, as well as access to Oracle's global Knowledge Base, the global knowledge Base includes problem-handling systems, problem tracking systems, technical repositories, etc., so that customers can take advantage of Oracle internal information sources to prevent, Analyze and solve problems to improve the "full self-service" service.
Characteristics of Oraclemetalink:
Technical Library: Access to technical information that helps you use Oracle products such as hot topics, product information, installation assistance, white papers, problem/solution articles, and documentation.
Knowledge Base Search: Use Oracle context Option to allow full-text querying of all content in the Metalink repository, including forum posts and problem databases
Forum: Enables customers to publish issues to technical support engineers or user groups.
Product Lifecycle: Provides products availability, certification, technical warnings, and product support termination information.
Bug Database search: Helps customers to query the problem databases.
File acess: Downloads a patch or patch set directly from the Oraclemetalink.
Entger SRs Online: Customers can generate, update, and close SR online.
SR Access and Reporting: Generate and view SR management reports.
User profile: Enables customers to access the latest contact information, add/Remove Support Service certification numbers, view other users registered with the same Support service certification number, customize the customer's Metalink account, modify passwords, and view license information.
My headlines: Allows customers to customize their Metalink account's personal home page to receive only the information they want.
In addition to the above standard service offerings, Oracle Technical Communications is a Chinese quarterly magazine published by Oracle China Company Support Services, specifically for Chinese users. The main content includes Oracle technology dynamic, product use skill, problem solving, product latest version information, news and so on. After each issue of the technical newsletter is published, it will be mailed to all users during the service period.
In addition, Chinese customers can also participate in the Oracle technology seminars held in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Chengdu offices. The purpose of the seminar is to enhance communication between Oracle and customers and to help customers understand and master Oracle's latest technologies, product usage, system maintenance management methods, software tools, and more. At the same time, in the workshop, Oracle technical experts will be on-site to address the various technical issues raised by customers, including database server products, development tools, application server and application products.
Communication with the customer
On the Oracle home page (, there are more non-technical information about support services that can be accessed easily. Includes information about our services, global contact info, and so on. The home page is also connected to a large number of related Oracle Web sites.

Oracle Technical Support Level
Software upgrades
Software upgrades are the basic level of all Oracle support services, including:
• Program upgrades
• General Maintenance version
• Selected feature version
• Add a patch through Metalink
• Technical Documentation Update
• Restrict use of bug resolution data and patches on Metalink
Product Support
To obtain product support for the licensing series, you must obtain a software upgrade for the licensing series. If your side has
Maintenance of software upgrades and the desire to purchase product support for the licensing series, you do not have to make a corresponding
New. Product support includes:
• 24-hour 7-day service request assistance per day
• Access to Metalink (7 web-based Technical Support System)
• Ability to log in to service requests via Metalink
• Non-technical customer service during normal business hours (e.g., assistance with ID issues, assistance with login)
Oracle can provide software tools, such as tools to assist in collecting and transferring configuration data, and network chemicals
Tools (e.g., with your consent to enable Oracle to enter your computer system) to assist Oracle
Resolve various service requests. These tools may only be used with the Support program license and the tools shall be used
Additional license to comply with other provisions of the relevant tools.
Oracle can also provide services to help convert your 11.5.x production application to the latest version. On
This must be a compliance assessment.
Event-based support packages
Event-based Support provides network-based technical support, covering 10 service request packages, that support
For the following products only:
Oracle Database Standard Edition
• Database personal version
Oracle Database Lite
To obtain the associated support for the license series, you must order the software upgrade for this license series. Giving an event
The support package is valid for one year and is calculated from the date of purchase; Unused service requests will expire to
Termination at the end of the period. The permission to access the Metalink terminates when the last service request is resolved. You make
Service requests to resolve product bugs are excluded from 10 service requests. The support given to events includes:
• Access to Metalink (24x7 web-based Technical Support System)
• Ability to log in to service requests via Metalink

Event-based server support packs
Event-based Server Support provides web-based technical support for 10 of each server
Service Request package. Event-based Server support package does not include software upgrades and does not include software
Upgrades and other support to be used together or at the same time for sale. If you want to get software upgrades or product support
, you should comply with the effective Oracle recovery support policy when restoring support. In all platforms, the following limited
To obtain an event-based server support package for your products:
Oracle Database Server support package: Oracle Database Enterprise Edition, Oracle database standard
Quasi-edition, zoning, real application cluster
Oracle Application Server Support package: Network application Server Enterprise Edition, network application Server Standard
The event-based server support package is valid for one (1) year, calculated from the date of purchase. Not used
The service request terminates when the expiration date expires. Permission to access Metalink terminated on last service request
can be resolved. If you use a service request to resolve a product bug, it is not included in the 10 service requests. Base
Server support for the event includes:
• Access to Metalink (24x7 web-based Technical Support System)
• Use downloadable software patches and patch packs
• Ability to log in to service requests via Metalink
Metalink is an Oracle Customer Support website. Visit Metalink should comply with the Metalink posted on the website
"Terms of Use", this "terms of use" may be changed. Access to use Metalink is limited to
The technical contact you have specified. Metalink usage rights are included in associated support, associated server support
and product support. In addition, the restricted use rights of metalink are contained in patches and bug resolution data
Software updates.
Extended Support
After you cancel support for a version, you can get extended support (ES) for some Oracle programs. Provide extended
Support is free of charge, but only if you continue to maintain the software upgrade in the future after a specific version of the cancellation is supported
and product support. The "Cancel support notification" will indicate whether a particular version is available for extended support and provides
Extended period of support.
Extended Support includes:
• Provide known workarounds, solutions, and existing program upgrades through Metalink
• 24-hour 7-day service request assistance per day
• Ability to log in to service requests via Metalink
• Assistance for scenarios that fully support program/version migration
• Assist in resolving issues related to compatibility and certification
Extended support does not include:
• Correct patches, general maintenance, or feature versions of new issues
• Solve low version problems with a high version solution
• Support for certification of products, new operating systems, or new compilers
Extended maintenance is intended for customers who need to migrate to Oracle support programs/releases during the extended period. Because extended maintenance
The program/version is no longer fully supported, so information and skills about these versions may be limited.
Extended Maintenance Support
After you cancel support for some Oracle programs, you can order extended maintenance support (EMS) for these programs. Extend
Maintenance supports only the terminal version of the program (a full version of the final release of a release, for example: Oracle
Database 8i, Release 8.1.7), and is available only for limited platforms. "Cancel support Notification" will
Describes whether a particular version and platform can be extended for maintenance support, and provides extended maintenance support periods
Limit. Most Oracle programs extend maintenance-supported prices for previous year software upgrades and product support fees
With a local renewal adjustment, float 30% (note: The rate of increase applies only to the Oracle program that cancels the support).
When ordering extended maintenance support, all licenses for a specific version of an Oracle program within the license series must have deferred
Long maintenance support.
Extended maintenance support includes:
• 24-hour 7-day service request assistance per day
• Add pudding to new problems and existing problems through Metalink
• Ability to log in to service requests via Metalink
• Assistance for programs that migrate to support programs/releases
• Resolve low version problems with a high version solution only if there are no acceptable alternatives
Extended maintenance support does not include:
• Support programs, new operating system versions, or new compilers for authentication
• Program upgrades, general maintenance versions or feature versions
Extended maintenance support for stable systems, no user load increases or no planned mass changes should be
Customers with software. Extended maintenance support is not intended for customers who plan to implement new application deployments (Oracle
or other application software).
Severity definition
You can make a service request by telephone or Internet access Metalink. The severity level of the service request should be from your
The side and Oracle are selected based on the following severity definitions:
Level 1
Complete loss of functionality. Can not continue to work reasonably. Operations are critical to the business and the situation is urgent. Severity
A service request listed at Level 1 has one or more of the following characteristics:
• Data Damage
• Key document features are not currently available
• System uncertainty hangs, resulting in unacceptable or uncertain resources or response delays
• System downtime, and the system continues to crash after reboot
24-hour commitment to severity 1 Request services: Oracle Support Services will provide 24x7
Break the service until the problem is resolved or make good progress. During the 24x7 period, you are required to provide Oracle
Support Services provide a onsite or pager contact to help collect data, test, and implement solutions. Your
Parties must be cautious when classifying problems as such, so that when the severity is ranked level 1, it can
Obtain the necessary resource configuration from Oracle.
Level 2
Severe loss of function. An acceptable workaround could not be obtained, but the operation can still be continued under restricted conditions.
Level 3
Slight loss of function. Cause inconvenience and may require alternate method recovery functionality.
Level 4
function has not been lost. The results do not affect system operations.
Optimization of technical support
By complying with the following standards, you will assist Oracle in providing support services using the following Oracle tools
and can improve service speed and quality:
Using Oracle Direct Connect
Understanding your software and hardware environment is an integral part of resolving service requests. Oracle passes without
The same connection provides many tools, scripts, and utilities to help check Oracle environment configuration and
Solve all kinds of service requests.
For the Oracle Direct Connect tool, customers in the U.S. and Asia Pacific are invited to visit our web site:
Http:// customers in Europe, the Middle East and Africa please visit us
Customer technical contacts with expertise
To help resolve system problems and assist with Oracle analysis and resolution of service requests, your technical contact person should
Learn about Oracle programs and your Oracle environment.
Be able to reproduce the problem
When submitting a service request, your technical contact should have a basic understanding of the problems you are experiencing and be able to reproduce the question
To assist Oracle to troubleshoot problems by priority.
Contact information
For country phone numbers and contact information, please visit the Oracle Support website:

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