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PHP + sqlite database operation example (create open insert search), sqlite example. PHP + sqlite database operation example (create open insert search), sqlite example this article describes the PHP + sqlite database operation method. For your reference, see the following examples of PHP + sqlite database operations (create, open, insert, and search) and sqlite examples.

This article describes how to operate a PHP + sqlite database. We will share this with you for your reference. The details are as follows:

SQLite is a lightweight database. it is designed to be embedded and has been used in many embedded products. it occupies low resources, in an embedded device, only a few hundred KB of memory is required. It supports mainstream operating systems such as Windows, Linux, and Unix, and can be combined with many programming languages, such as Tcl, PHP, Java, and ODBC interfaces, similar to MySQL and PostgreSQL, the two world-renowned open-source database management systems, the processing speed is faster than that of them.

In PHP 5, Mysql is no longer supported by default, but SQLite is supported by default. This shows how influential it is. if you want to develop PHP for SQLite, we recommend that you use PHP 5.0.0 or later.

The following is an example of using sqlite.

First, you can create an empty upload. db file in the directory.

<? Phpdefine ("LN", _ LINE _); // LINE number define ("FL", _ FILE _); // define ("DEBUG ", 0); // debug switch $ db_name = "upload. db "; // create a database file. the file content is blank. if (! File_exists ($ db_name) {if (! ($ Fp = fopen ($ db_name, "w +") {exit (error_code (-1, LN) ;}fclose ($ fp );} // open the database file if (! ($ Db = sqlite_open ($ db_name) {exit (error_code (-2, LN);} // generate the data table structure if (! Sqlite_query ($ db, "drop table uploads") {exit (error_code (-3, LN);} if (! Sqlite_query ($ db, "create table uploads (id integer primary key, file_name varchar (200) UNIQUE, make_time integer)") {exit (error_code (-3, LN);} // insert a piece of data if (! Sqlite_query ($ db, "insert into uploads (file_name, make_time) VALUES ('upload/111. data ','". time (). "')") {exit (error_code (-4, LN);} // retrieve the data if (! ($ Result = sqlite_query ($ db, "SELECT * FROM uploads") {exit (error_code (-5, LN ));} // Retrieve the retrieved data and display while ($ array = sqlite_fetch_array ($ result) {echo "ID :". $ array [file_name]."
:". $ Array [make_time];}/* error code function */function error_code ($ code, $ line_num, $ debug = DEBUG) {if ($ code <-6 | $ code>-1) {return false;} switch ($ code) {case-1: $ errmsg = "Create database file error. "; break; case-2: $ errmsg =" Open sqlite database file failed. "; break; case-3: $ errmsg =" Create table failed, table already exist. "; break; case-4: $ errmsg =" Insert data failed. "; break; case-5: $ errmsg =" Query database data failed. "; break; case-6: $ errmsg =" Fetch data failed. "; break; case-7: $ errmsg =" "; break; default: $ errmsg =" Unknown error. ";}$ m ="[Error]
File: ". basename (FL )."
Line: ". LN ."
Mesg: ". $ errmsg." "; if (! $ Debug) {($ m = $ errmsg);} return $ m ;}?>

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