PHP, an article written by the German overlord of the 21st century, and a PHP Tutorial

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PHP, an article written by the German overlord of the 21st century. Note: This is a "long story" about PHP written by Germans. in this article, the author puts PHP's powerful gods in a uniform architecture. Regardless of whether the idea is translated by the translator. note: This is a "long article" about PHP written by the Germans. in this article, the author puts PHP on the mind, which has a general architecture. Whether it is correct or not is worth looking at. such a classic "bragging story" is very worthwhile for our PHP programmers who are sincere and fearful. Let's start to appreciate this scam!
1. Preface Definition: PHP is a simple, object-oriented, interpreted, robust, secure, and highly performing, independent of the architecture and portable, dynamic scripting language. PHP has Class keywords similar to JAVA. Because virtual machines are not required, the speed is 5 times faster than that of JAVA. PHP is quickly becoming a standard, multi-purpose, object-oriented scripting language. PHP can be used not only to develop Web applications, but also to develop common applications. PHP is a powerful scripting language. PHP will defeat PERL/Python and replace it. PHP is the next generation of PERL/Python scripts. PHP can be competent for any PERL/Python job, and do more, better, and more concise !! PHP is short for Hypertext Pre-Processor. it is a server-side HTML scripting/programming language. PHP is similar to C syntax and can run on Apache, Netscape/iPlanet, and Microsoft IIS Web server. As a tool, PHP allows you to create dynamic Web pages. PHP web pages are similar to regular HTML pages. you can create and edit them in the same way. PHP allows you to directly write simple scripts into HTML files, which is very similar to Javascript. The difference is that PHP does not rely on browsers and is a server-side language, while Javascript is a client-side language embedded in HTML. In concept, PHP is similar to Netscape LiveWire Pro, Microsoft ASP, and SunMicrosystem JSP. PHP can be used not only to create Web applications, but also to develop common standalone applications. The strength of PHP is that PHP is the best technology. Other technologies, such as PERL, Python, Tcl, VB script, and ASP, are outdated and inferior. Even Java/JSP is under PHP. · Open source code · Extensive database connections · a large number of extension libraries · as a multi-purpose scripting language, better than PERL, VB script, ASP, JSP. Why PHP? Because PHP is the best, the reason is as follows: · PERL "tastes bad", because its program is not easy to read and maintain and is not object-oriented. Forget PERL and turn to PHP. PERL programmers will abandon PERL because they love PHP! PHP is actually a modern version of PERL, but the names are different. · Java is object-oriented, but it is slow. Java programs are far slower, and the only complaint about them is: "Java, it's really slow ". And very complex (with many layers, such as JVM and JIT ). This often leads to problems. Now that we have Linux, why Java? · Python is "good", but it does not contain parentheses and braces in the C language, which is very useful for code control in the vi editor. If you cannot use the vi/emacs editor to search for the brackets/braces to quickly manipulate the code, it is as if you have broken your hands. PHP is more advanced in technology than Python. · PHP is the best because it is object-oriented and absorbs the essence of C/C ++/Java/PERL. PHP can replace PERL, Python, Java, C, C ++, awk, Unix shell scripts, Visual Basic and other languages !! PHP runs directly and is written in C. · Every computer programmer knows that PHP is the best. ask the programmer next to you. · Only PHP can play a role in the 21st, 22nd, and farther future. · There is a very important reason why we think PERL, Python, and Java programmers will add PHP. In the past, many companies in the world used PHP as a "highly confidential, strictly confidential" computer programming language, but now it has become the most famous, on the Web, Internet, e-commerce and B2B are among the most widely used object-oriented scripting languages in many projects. Even today, many competing companies regard PHP as highly confidential and never disclose it to the outside world (competitors. PHP will be swept across the world like a storm, and the IT industry will be shocked. The strength of PHP is that it is cross-platform and can run anywhere. Such as Linux, Windows 95/98/NT/2000/XP, Solaris, HPUX, and various UNIX. PHP can be configured anywhere only once. PHP can run on multiple Web servers, such as Apache and Microsoft IIS. PHP is 5 to 20 times faster than Java !! The actual comparison test shows that PHP is running at about times faster than java3.7. PHP is too easy to use. you can use it to quickly develop very complex web, e-commerce, and general standalone applications in a very short time. (In the future, PHP will imitate most of Java's functions, and I believe Java programmers will also like it. PHP will contain keywords in Java, such as class, extends, interface, implements, public, protected, and private .) PHP has the object-oriented feature, which absorbs the best parts of Java, C ++, PERL, and C. PHP can be said to be a gem in all scripting/programming languages. Soon, it will become a "mecca" for programmers around the world ". PHP can be run on Window95/NT/2000/XP, or on a variety of UNIX. We will be surprised-PHP is very likely to become the computer programming language of the 21st century. You can use Zend Optimizer to compile and optimize PHP to make it run faster. Zend Optimizer has been integrated in PHP4.0. First, you can use PHP scripts to write your applications during development, testing, and debugging. Once the project is completed, you can use the Zend compiler to compile the php file into an executable program that runs faster. For e-commerce projects, you generally need to use PHP (70%), HTML/DHTML/XML (25%), and 5% Javascript (client verification ). (And listen to the next decomposition)

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