PHP APIs supporting cloud application services

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Zend technologies, a self-proclaimed "php Company", launched an open-source Simple API for cloud Application Services Project, hoping to help PHP developers build applicationsProgramAccess to mainstream cloud platforms. Microsoft has provided windows azure SDK for PHP developers.

Many technical vendors, such as Zend, IBM, Microsoft, nirvanix, rackspace, and gogrid, are involved in Zend-led projects and want to create easy-to-use APIs to access various cloud resources. Initially, this API provided support for Amazon Web service file storage, document database storage and simple queue services, rackspce cloud files, Windows Azure, and nirvanix storage and distribution network. Zend wants to use this API as a new component of the Zend framework and call it Zend cloud.

Microsoft released their windows azure SDK for PHP developers in May July, a tool that helps PHP programmers use azure. Soon after, Microsoft provided sdks for Zend simple APIs. This SDK is jointly developed by Microsoft and realdolmen. Currently, the new BSD Protocol is used in the codeplex site.

The Windows azure SDK of PHP also provides storage support:

  • PHP class (CRUD operation) for accessing windows azure big files, tables, and queues)
  • Auxiliary classes for HTTP transmission, Authn/authz, rest, and error management.
  • Management, tools, and log support.
  • Supports storing PHP sessions in azure table store.

Currently, PHP developers can use simple APIs and this SDK at the same time, especially for tasks other than storage. However, in the future, simple APIs will also contain more and more functions. Zend recommends that you use this API in the product environment because it is still in the early stage and may change.

These interfaces can be easily transplanted from PHP to other oo languages, because they were originally designed in OO mode. It is also interesting to observe whether the project will extend to the C # or Java project.

Php api for cloud application services

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