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: This article mainly introduces the PHP environment configuration-download the windows Apache server from the apache official website. if you are interested in the PHP Tutorial, refer to it. As I am forced to download software, I like to download it from the official website. after a long time, I finally figured out how to download the Apache server installed on windows from the Apache official website. now I will share it with you.

Go to the apache server official website here we download the stable version

Httpd 2.2.29 is used as an example. click download.

Due to the revision of the official website, the previous method may be used to download files. in order not to waste everyone's time, we hereby amend \

The first step is to click download

Click the link Files for 3 Microsoft Windows

The Apache HTTP Server Project itself does not provide binary releases of softwar

E, only source code. Inpidual committers may provide binary packages as a con

Venience, but it is not a release deliverable.

If you cannot compile the Apache HTTP Server yourself, you can obtain a binary p

Ackage from numerous binary distributions available on the Internet.

Popular options for deploying Apache httpd, and, optionally, PHP and MySQL, on

Microsoft Windows, include:


Apache Lounge

BitNami WAMP Stack



Apache does not provide compiled installation packages, but only the source code.

You can select the websites that are compiled by the third parties recommended by the following official teams.

The last two are the famous wamp and xampp integrated environments. if you only want to download apache, you can select the first three

Website. here we use the first ApacheHaus as an example.

Open ApacheHaus and you will find that there are various windows versions on this website.


Click the icon in the red box to start downloading. x86 is 32-bit and x64 is 64-bit. Select

Download Options

Decompress the package and move it to the desired place.

Enter the bin directory under apache under the command line, and enter

Httpd-k install

Install apache as a windows background service.

Use ApacheMonitor to start your apache

The Apache Monitor is a desktop tray application that allows you to monitor

Existence of a running Apache service and easily start, stop and restart Apache. T

O use it just double click on the ApacheMonitor.exe in the \ Apache24 \ bin folder. I

F you want it to start automatically for you when you log into the computer, just

Drag a copy into the Startup folder in Window's Start Menu.

For more operations, see The Appendix 10 readme_first.html.

Make a summary of some of your problems

1. because apache listens to port 80 by default, if your computer's iis is in the startup status and 80 ports are used

Port. apache cannot be started normally. you need to stop iis first, and Thunder may also use port 80.

Close thunder. Check whether port 80 is in use. enter the following command line:

Netstat-aon | findstr "80"

If the result shows that Port 80 has been used, you need to disable the software or modify apache

Listener Port

Open conf/httpd. conf in the apache directory and search for "Listen 80"

Change to Listen 8088.

Save and restart apache.

2. run the httpd-k install command to check whether the service is successfully installed.

Start --> run --> services. msc --> OK

If apache is displayed in the service list, it indicates that the service is successfully installed. you can click on the left.

To start the service.

3. the service cannot be properly installed. First, determine whether the 32-bit and 64-bit software matches your system.

Second, check whether the computer has installed the corresponding software running package. for example, if you download the VC9 version, you must first install

Install Microsoft Visual C ++ 2008 Redistributable. Similarly, you need to install Microsoft

Visual C ++ 2012 Update 4 Redistributable Package (X86 & x64)

At the bottom of the ApacheHaus website, the corresponding Visual Studio Redistributable Packages

Load link

The above introduces the PHP environment configuration-download the windows Apache server from the apache official website, including some content, and hope to be helpful to anyone interested in the PHP Tutorial.

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