Php generate excel and control line breaks in Excel cells

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Php generate excel and control line breaks in Excel cells
PHP generate excel and control line breaks in Excel cells

The company uses Mantis to manage bugs. Mantis has a function to export bugs to Excel,

However, in the current mantis version, when exporting an excel file, "Abstract, description, problem reproduction step description, additional information, comment", and so on,

When submitting a bug, the carriage return and line breaks were lost. because there was no format, it was inconvenient to read in excel,

This is the problem,

When using php to make an excel file, how can I write a line break in an excel cell to control the format of the cell.

I tried it. \ r \ n is invalid when generating an excel file and will be filtered and tuned.

The effect is not a line break in the cell, but a new cell.

Google, to achieve the goal of wrapping in cells, you need to insert the following string'

In addition, I found another interesting problem during my investigation.

As mentioned above, when using php to generate an excel file, \ r \ n does not have any line breaks. to control line breaks, you need to use html tags.

However, if \ r \ n is mixed in


As shown below, \ r \ n at this time is equivalent to
In the excel file, a new cell is created.

.......... \ R \ n .......... \ r \ n .......... \ r \ n </pre>

This behavior is clearly not what we want,

So we should replace them all like below. $ p_new_lines = array ("\ r \ n", "\ n", "\ r", "\ r \ n ","

"); $ P_change_line_in_excel_cell ='
'; $ P_result = str_replace ($ p_new_lines, $ p_change_line_in_excel_cell, $ p_input );

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