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Last night and @buptpatriot talked about the PHP elephant logo, I do not know its origin, so Google a bit.

Find the answer from this answer.

hereby reproduced, so that more than just interested friends see:

Original address: Adopt an Elephpant
The English copyright belongs to the original author EL Roubio All, the Chinese translation is completed independently by Wctbok, if reprint please specify.

Adopt an ELEPHPANT[1]-your PHP mascott[2]
Adopt an "elephant"-Your PHP mascot


Many users told me that I should create a page in 中文版 to talk about
The elephpant. Here it is:))!
Many users say I should write an article in English to talk about "elephants". This is it:).

I am inviting you to discover how and why the Elephpant are born ...
I will invite you to explore how and why the elephant was born ...

How is it born the elephpant?
How the elephant was born.

In 1998, I decided to begin learning the PHP language. As a graphicsdesigner, I wanted to learn you to create dynamic pages for my Personalweb site. While I is learning, I discovered the power of this languageand its applications. Naturally, I started to making drawings aboutphp. So, I create the "Elephpant", illustrating the power of PHP ...
1998, I decided to start learning the PHP language. As a graphic designer, I want to learn how to use dynamic language to make a personal website for myself. In the course of my study, I found the language and the powerful ability of its application. Naturally, I began to draw a picture of PHP. So, I created the first "elephant", with pictures to illustrate the power of PHP ...

>> This is the drawing of the Elephpant of 1999.
1999 My first painting of "Elephant"

This is created for fun, just to send to a friend who begunlearning this language, like I did. The elephpant was telling him "Php,is stronger than". This friend suggested so I propose thispicture to the very known PHP French sites. To my surprise, theyimmediately adopted it! This is has been used by many others. Somefrench PHP Web Masters asked me to illustrate their site withelephpants.
The picture was just for fun, only to a friend of mine who, like me, began to learn the language. "The elephant" can tell him: "PHP is more powerful than you." ”。 The friend suggested that I submit the picture to a well-known French PHP site. To my surprise, they immediately adopted it. This picture has been used by many people. Then some of the French PHP webmaster asked me to use "elephants" for their site to do the painting.

So, which was the beginning of the Elephpant story. But can ask me, "Why a elephant to symbolize PHP?"
So, this is the cause of the "elephant" story. But you would ask, "Why use elephants as a symbol of PHP?" ”

If you are pay attention to the tree[3] letters p H p, you are the set looks like a elephant ("The Banner Up page").
If you pay attention to PHP's three letters, you'll notice that the whole looks like an elephant (see the picture at the top of the page).

After the illustrations, a friend suggest me to create a "logo" with the elephpant, with the color and typography of the Officiallogo.
After the first illustration, a friend suggested that I use the word "elephant" as a logo, with a color and text description to make a formal logo.

I proposed to the French PHP community making it available as FreeDownload. Some of Web Masters started using it in their sites. It Istoday A logo for many French PHP sites. Even though it is not anofficial logo...a lot of French users adopted it.
I submitted it to the French PHP community and made it available for free download. Some webmasters are starting to use it on their own websites. This is the identity currently used by many French PHP sites. Even if it's not an official logo ... But many French users have accepted it.

In 2002, Rasmus Lerdorf (php "creator") recognized the elephpant ASA possible for PHP logo. A link to elephpants appears nowin the logo downloading page of the official PHP site,[4]
In 2002, Rasmus Lerdorf (PHP creator) recognized the "Elephant" as an optional PHP logo. "Elephants" now appear in the official PHP site's logo download page,

Why a PHP Mascott?
Why should there be a PHP mascot.

PHP is a popular Open Source product but it lacks the a strongbranding figure that helps people recognize PHP related Initi Atives[5],like Tux The penguin is used to represent Linux relatedinitiatives. Elephpant is meant to fill this void in the PHP community.
PHP is a popular open source product but it lacks a strong brand logo to help people identify PHP-related products, just as TUX penguins are used to show that it is a symbol of Linux. The meaning of "elephant" is to fill the gap in the PHP community.

Elephpant is now very popular in France and it are beginning to being appear in many sites the world.
"Elephants" are now very popular in France and are starting to appear in numerous websites around the world.

Why should I adopt an elephpant?
Why do I have to adopt an "elephant"?

If you are developed a PHP related site, software PRODUCT or provide phprelated services, this'll help you to make your user s recognize Yourwork as a PHP friendly. But you really does not have to adopt anelephpant, unless your like it!!! If you don ' t like it, don ' t use it!
If you've developed a PHP Web site, a software product, or a PHP-related service, it will help your users identify how your work is related to PHP. But you really don't have to adopt an "elephant" unless you like it ... If you don't like it, don't use it.

In the same "spirit" of PHP, the Elephpant are a free proposal, Afunny alternative to official PHP logo. Feel free to adopt one if youwant.
Like some of PHP's spirits, "elephant" is also a free offer, an interesting alternative to the official PHP logo. Just take it if you want.

Can I Use the elephpant graphics freely?
Can I use the image of "elephant" freely?

Sure, Elephpant is licensed by Me-el Roubio-as free software. Feel to copy, modify and use it in your PHP related initiatives. You can transform the original graphics as and to adapt colorsfor example, or to integrate it in your logos, or to D Raw your ownelephpant as some Web sites already did using the idea of elephpantwithout my drawing ( or WW for examples).
Of course, "elephant" to my authorization-El roubio-it is free. Be free to copy, modify, and use your PHP-related products. You can convert the original image to your liking, such as adjusting the color, or combining it with your own logo, or drawing your own "elephants" as some have already used this "elephant" idea instead of the one I'm drawing (example: and

So FEEL, the change, transform or create your own elephpants!!
So be free to use, change, transform, or create your own "elephants".

It ' s in so spirit that I provide the elephpant in Differentformats (PSD, EPS, AI, XCF), to give and all of the freedom to a Dapt it.
As a manifestation of the above spirit, I have provided a different format (PSD,EPS,AI,XCF) of the "elephants" so that you are completely free to adopt it.

You are don ' t have to the credit me if your use this graphics. Otherwise I'll
Be honored. It's my simple "gift" to PHP community! ;)
If you use these images, you don't have to leave my name. If not, I would be very honored. Think of it as a little gift I gave to the PHP community. ;)


[1] elephpant is misspelled in both English and French, and this should be a new word created by the author's expression of a PHP picture.
[2] in English, mascot is the mascot, French is spelled Mascotte, and here Mascott is the author's clerical error.
[3] Tree estimation is also the author's clerical error, but it should be for three
[4] Now the official logo download page has not found the "elephant" related to the logo, the specific reasons unknown
[5] related initiatives can be translated as "related project" or "related initiative", which is directly translated into "related products" according to up and down questions.

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