PHP Intermediate Interview Experience

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It is near the end of the year, in November to change jobs naked, in fact, is not very mainstream choice, but for small companies in fact, I do not have much impact.

Just the biggest problem is whether their psychological adjustments are fully prepared, their knowledge and skills are ready to perfect.

Although at the beginning of the project at the end of the year to resign to a formal good large units, during a variety of efforts but many times, the east of the West, and finally did not have their own special prominent point, this point in the interview was also pointed out by the interviewer. So this is one of the things that needs special attention in the coming days.

The other bare speech plus bare face is really some not very good, and then interview to find their shortcomings is simply a waste of their time and other company time, but one of the advantages of this way is to be forced to ask all the content will come back to do a summary, But the biggest problem with this kind of trial and error is that when you actually meet a good company, you can't get the ideal result and achieve your expectations. Especially in the beginning is to try water mentality to a good company when asked some questions, if prepared before will not appear so unprofessional and ignorant.

In addition too overestimated their own strength is also a bit, often some companies are from the very foundation of the beginning to ask, and then their own waste in the very foundation of the problem left the impression is very bad, in time to be asked the content of high-level people may also be wondering what the situation you are, this impression is good again saved.

Two weeks, the main push on the updated resume, basically every day is full of interview arrangements, basically one day there will be 2-3 interview invitations. I didn't expect PHP to be so tight this time.

Basically interview the company divided into, entrepreneurial team <50 people, entrepreneurial team >100, newly listed enterprises, established Internet giants (here the number refers to developers, not only PHP development)

In the start-up team interview there are very few pen questions, the small team is basically asking how the project is done, the other is the understanding of some mainstream technology and specific problems how to deal with.

Some of the big start-up team are to do some in and out of the face of the question or very difficult for the topic, after that is two situations, one is about to ask one or two technical points to ask, if this technical strength is not very strong or requirements very high on the donuts, belong to you know it. If these comparisons focus on technology and the interviewer's technical strength will be asked to ask a slightly more difficult question, more how to deal with the problem, as well as handwriting some code. Then we will ask some technical principles to explain.

The newly listed enterprises are basically starting from the basic knowledge, are in the establishment of the back or the glass wall handwritten some code and ideas, more will involve some of the content of the algorithm, and technical knowledge to each problem is open to ask, in addition to the design of a small business needs to start according to business needs to investigate, Thinking logic and database knowledge is more.

Older internet companies remember that a few or very professional written test technology is basically a medium difficult topic then there will be a lot of pits, and then ask for a short time to finish, basically completely cover the scope of knowledge. The technical side is the same. However, more experienced development managers will supplement and analyze your answers and will prompt you where to find out what to do with the pit.

Knowledge of the exam

1 time Array function string function

2 The basic object-oriented content will ask the design pattern

3PHP implements some algorithms

4PHP Optimization and some principles

1Javascript Basic Content

1 The content of caching technology and the processing of some common concurrency problems

2 Cache Technology Comparison

1 Data base

2 optimization

3 Some common configurations

4 handling of high concurrent large accesses

5 database on the machine is the focus

1linux Content-based commands

2 Simple script statistics slicing sed awk

1 Network is mainly tcp/http

Contents of 2header Head

1 Algorithms many common algorithms

2 simple and massive data processing

1 hardware system aspects not like storage disk

2 Monitoring No

3 Servers are not

The basic difficulty in the project disassembly

Design a small business for analysis and then continue to increase the difficulty

The other is to look at the personality of the interviewer and your appetite as well as his personal development

Wait until the technical content is not asked to basically pass the HR there is no big problem

The problem is mainly in the original work unit salary and education

If before the interview well prepared 3 days or so the above mentioned collation and summed up the PHP intermediate position is basically no problem, the companies are very easy to enter as to pay, 2k floating space is reasonable.

But if you want to be 16k, you'll have to work harder and look at the original salary and company situation.

Basically it is these hurriedly write a bit lest later make lazy not to write.

PHP Intermediate Interview Experience

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