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Under Win,

Use PHP's mail function to send mail

The role of the Mail () function:
is to connect to the mail server
Use the SMTP protocol to interact with this server
and cast mail

The 1:mail function does not support the ESMTP protocol,---that is, it can only be directly cast and cannot log in
2: From the above, we can only direct to the final recipient server address.
And the address is specified in the php.ini.

So we want to send a letter to using the mail () function.
We're going to---.
1: Query the address of 163 mail servers
2: Write the address into the php.ini.

The code is as follows Copy Code

Sendmail_from = wusong@

Var_dump (Mail (' ', ' from PHP mail function ', ' very intresting '));

But using PHP's own mail function to send mail we need to install a SendMail component in Linux before it can be used.

If you don't have this sendmail component we can use the Phpmailer function to manipulate


The code is as follows Copy Code

Require ('./phpmailer/class.phpmailer.php ');

$phpmailer = new Phpmailer ();

$phpmailer->issmtp ();

$phpmailer->host = ' ';
$phpmailer->smtpauth = true;
$phpmailer->username = ';
$phpmailer->password = ';

$phpmailer->charset = ' utf-8 ';
$phpmailer->from = ';
$phpmailer->fromname = ';
$phpmailer->subject = ';
$phpmailer->body = ';

$phpmailer->addaddress (' ', ' Aseoe ');

echo $phpmailer->send ()? ' Send success ': ' Send failed ';


With no content on it, look at the contents below


Use Phpmailer class to send letters

The code is as follows Copy Code

0: Introducing
1: Instantiating
2: Configuration Properties
3: Call Send


Require ('./phpmailer/class.phpmailer.php ');

$phpmailer = new Phpmailer ();

Set the way Phpmailer credit
You can use the win under Mail () function to send
Linux can be used under the Sendmail,qmail components to send
You can use the SMTP protocol to log on to an account to send

$phpmailer->issmtp (); Use SMTP protocol to send

$phpmailer->host = ' ';
$phpmailer->smtpauth = true;
$phpmailer->username = '; Send the account number of the mailbox (with 163 email letter account number)
$phpmailer->password = '; Password to send a mailbox

We can send a letter.
$phpmailer->charset= ' Utf-8 ';
$phpmailer->from = ' ';
$phpmailer->fromname = ' Neverkill ';
$phpmailer->subject = ' Superstart Aseoe ';
$phpmailer->body = ' Network-focus on front-end development and PHP programming design. '

Set up the addressee.
$phpmailer->addaddress (' ', ' Neverkill ');
Add a CC
$phpmailer->addcc (' ', ' Aseoe ');


echo $phpmailer->send ()? ' Ok ': ' Fail ';

Add a method that uses the example above

Directly unzip the Phpmailer compression pack into the root directory to run

Directly put the file to the local Wamp root directory, run 02.php Mail can be issued (the premise PHP file executable)-(not a word in the root directory to create a folder repeat operation)


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