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This article describes the PHP time function usage. Share to everyone for your reference, specific as follows:

PHP has a UNIX timestamp related operation function, easy to use

Time () returns the current Unix timestamp

Microtime--Returns the current Unix timestamp and microsecond number

Example 1. To run a script with Microtime ()

* Simple function to replicate PHP 5 behaviour
/function microtime_float ()
  List ($usec, $sec) = Explode ("", Microtime ());
  Return ((float) $usec + (float) $sec);
$time _start = Microtime_float ();
Sleep for a while
usleep (MB);
$time _end = Microtime_float ();
$time = $time _end-$time _start;
echo "Did Nothing in $time seconds/n";
? >

Mktime () to get a date on a Unix timestamp

int mktime ([int hour [, int minute [, int second [, int month [, int day [, int [, int is_dst]]]

Parameters can be omitted from right to left, and any omitted arguments will be set at the cost of the current value of the date and time

Date () format a local time/date

String date (string format [, int timestamp])

Tip: The timestamp that originated at the time of the request was saved from PHP 5.1 in $_server[' Request_time '.

strtotime--Resolves a date-time description of any English text to a Unix timestamp

Echo strtotime ("+1 Day"), "n";
Echo strtotime ("+1 Week"), "n";

Example 2. After a certain time of day, after month

Strtotime ("+1 Day". $day);
Strtotime ("2008-01-31 +1 Month");
Strtotime ($day. "+1 Day");

The above form is correct

PS: This site also provides a UNIX timestamp conversion tool, very practical, to provide you with reference to:

Unix timestamp (timestamp) conversion tool:

Here again for you to recommend a site for the layout of the PHP format landscaping tools to help you in the future of PHP programming code layout:

PHP code online format Landscaping tools:


In addition, because PHP belongs to the C language style, the following tool can also be used to format PHP code:

C Language Style/html/css/json code formatting landscaping Tools:

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I hope this article will help you with the PHP program design.

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