PHP uses the Glob function to implement a word delete all files under a directory _php tips

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Copy Code code as follows:

Array_map (' unlink ', glob (' * '));

A lot of friends may not know glob this function. See the Manual for more usage.

PHP Glob () function

Definitions and usage

The Glob () function returns the file name or directory that matches the specified pattern.
The function returns an array that contains a matching file/directory. Returns False if an error occurs.


Copy Code code as follows:

Glob (Pattern,flags)

Parameters Description
File Necessary. Specify the retrieval mode.

Optional. Specify a specific setting.

  • Glob_mark-Add a slash to each returned item
  • Glob_nosort-Returns (not sorted) according to the original order in which the files appear in the directory
  • Glob_nocheck-Returns the pattern for searching if no file match
  • Glob_noescape-Backslash does not escape meta characters
  • Glob_brace-expand {a,b,c} to match ' A ', ' B ' or ' C '
  • Glob_onlydir-Returns only directory entries that match the pattern
  • Glob_err-Stops and reads error messages (such as unreadable directories), ignoring all errors by default

Note: Glob_err is added by PHP 5.1.

Use examples

Example 1

Copy Code code as follows:
Print_r (Glob ("*.txt"));

The output is similar:
Copy Code code as follows:
[0] => Target.txt
[1] => Source.txt
[2] => test.txt
[3] => Test2.txt

Example 2
Copy Code code as follows:
Print_r (Glob ("*.*"));

The output is similar:
Copy Code code as follows:
[0] => Contacts.csv
[1] => default.php
[2] => Target.txt
[3] => Source.txt
[4] => tem1.tmp
[5] => test.htm
[6] => Test.ini
[7] => test.php
[8] => Test.txt
[9] => Test2.txt

Ps: This is a magical function.

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