PL/SQL Developer connect Local Oracle 11g 64-bit database

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An Oracle 11g 64-bit version was installed in the virtual machine today, and when connected with PL/SQL developer, it was found that there was no database connection to TNS. It is considered that the PL/SQL developer does not recognize the Oracle Hom and OCI Libaray. To enter PL/SQL Developer in non-login mode, there are no options under the Oracle home settings, and OCI Libaray can be selected. Then manually specify the Oracle home path and select the identified OCI Libaray. Re-login to PL/SQL Developer, or no database connection to TNS. The suspicion may be that the database was not successfully installed, causing the database to not be recognized in Plsql developer. Log in to the database in Sqli*plus mode and log in normally. Then, under Plsql developer try not to select the database TNS login, this miracle happened, unexpectedly throws an error message (Determine whether the Oracle 32-bit client is installed).

1. Log in to PL/SQL Developer

This omits the installation steps for the Oracle database and PL/SQL Developer, and note that when you install the PL/SQL Developer software, do not install it under the program Files (x86) directory or you cannot start PL/SQL Developer.

Wonder why the database TNS is not chosen here? I installed the database first and then installed PL/SQL Developer. When the PL/SQL developer is installed, Oracle home and OCI Libaray have been identified. What about it? Log in to PL/SQL Developer with non-login first, set up Oracle home and OCI Libaray.

The Oracle home directory is not automatically recognized under Oracle home, and the Oracle home path is manually specified.

Click "OK" to exit PL/SQL Developer and log in again.

Or choose not to database TNS, try to log in without a database to see what errors are reported.

Finally found the key point of the problem, the installation of PL/SQL Deleloper can only recognize the 32 oci.dll. It seems to be a 64-bit PL/SQL Deleloper, so search the web for PL/SQL Deleloper 64-bit version. However the Discovery PL/SQL Deleloper does not differentiate between 64-bit and 32-bit. It seems that we can only start with Oci.dll. According to the above error message, it appears that just install a 32-bit version of Oracle Client.

2. Install Oracle Clinet

First download an Oracle 11g Client to the Oracle website, but you will need to apply for an Oracle account before you can download it.


This is a green version of Oracle Client, so as long as it needs to be decompressed, it can be. Unzip the downloaded Oracle client file to the C drive (note!). Cannot be under 64-bit). Then create a new network\admin directory under the extracted C:\instantclient_11_2 directory, create a new Tnsnames.ora file in the Admin directory, and add the database TNS.

(ADDRESS = (PROTOCOL = TCP) (HOST = chiclewu-pc) (PORT = 1521))
(Connect_data =
(SERVER = dedicated)
(service_name = ORCL)

(Note: Tnsnames.ora files can also be from the Network\admin directory of the Oracle database home directory.) Then determine whether the host configuration is correct, if host is the hostname, you need to remove the domain name after the hostname)

3. Configuring the Oracle Home and OCI libaray for PL/SQL developer

Enter the PL/SQL Developer in non-logon mode, designate the Oracle home path as the Oracle Client directory (C:\instantclient_11_2), and the OCI Libaray path to Oracle The Oci.dll (C:\instantclient_11_2\oci.dll) of the client directory.

Click "OK" and now the configuration is complete, here is the time to wait for a miracle. Exit PL/SQL Developer.

4. Verifying Oracle Client

Open a new PL/SQL Developer, enter the user name and password, under the database option, you can see the TNS that has just been configured.

PL/SQL Developer connect Local Oracle 11g 64-bit database

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