Python and Spyder environments and pythonspyder

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Python and Spyder environments and pythonspyder

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If Python is installed, both Python 2.7 and Python 3.6 are supported. Although Python 2.7 is comprehensive, it is recommended to install Python 3.6. Here we will introduce Python 3.6 as an example.
As for the development environment, the Spyder I selected should be very accustomed to using MATLAB. It is an integrated development tool with a highly interface similar to MATLAB.
1. Download and install Python
Go to the official website to download:

Download and select Run. Remember the installation address. During installation, check and add it to the environment variable. If it is not selected, it will be okay. Then add the environment variable.
2. Install spyder
It can be used without installing Spyder. Although Spyder provides scientific computing, it also requires a framework between Python and Python, or a display interface PyQt5.
Install PyQt5

Pip install pyqt5

Then install spyder

Pip install spyder

After the installation is complete, enter the spyder + version number in the command line.

It indicates that spyder is running normally. ( Note that the spyder must be followed by a version number, such as spyder2 and spyder3.)


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