Python glob standard library Basics Learning

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#作用: Use Unix shell rules to find matching file names with a pattern
Although the Glob API is small, this module is very powerful, as long as the program needs to find a file system in which the name matches a set of files in a certain pattern.
You can use this module to create a list of file names that require each file name to have a specific extension, a prefix, or a common string in the middle.
You can use Glob instead of writing custom code to scan directory content.
Glob mode is not the same as regular re-mode, actually. Glob mode follows standard UNIX path extension rules, using only
Several special characters are used to implement 2 different wildcard and character intervals, and the pattern rule is applied to the middle of the file name (at the path delimiter/at the cutoff).
The path in the pattern can be a relative/absolute path, and the shell variable name wavy line (~) will not be extended!!!!!
#测试在path/Files below
#名称如下path/a/a.txt b.txt c.txt d.txt/b/a.txt (just for a look)
Import Glob
#如果未有此文件, please create your own
Path= ' Path/a/*.txt '
Print Glob.glob (path)
#通配符 *: can match 0 or more of a filename segment, such as Dir/*.*, as above
#要列出子目录文件, the subdirectory must be included in the schema
print ' Path *: '
For name in Glob.glob (Pathname=path):
print ' \ t ', name

print '? '
Path= ' path/a/? txt
For name in Glob.glob (Pathname=path):
print ' \ t ', name
#匹配区间字符串 (if the interval is between [a~z], you can match a string in more than one
print ' [A-z] '
For path1 in Glob.glob (' Path/a/*[a-z0-9a-z].txt '):
Print path1
#glob官方标准地址: Https://

#外接连 (Patten matching notation):
#其他: Explanation of File name pattern matching in the shell Command Language specification of open Grop

Python glob standard library Basics Learning

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