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Basic Knowledge

What does def init mean in the Python class, what does it do, what is the requirement?

Application :
Initializes the value of the instance. These values are typically called by other methods
Requirements :
Initialize values only, do not return values (just don't use returns)

Pyhton and specification for the use of single line and multiline annotation symbols

Single-line Comment: #
Multiline comment: "'" '

Python Fundamentals-Scopes and namespaces (scope and Namespace)

How to output a number in Python Chinese

Python Pass Statement

Python Pass is an empty statement to preserve the integrity of the program's structure.
Pass doesn't do anything, it's usually used as a placeholder statement.

How Python invokes the class method

Python statement: What does "_" mean in the for _ in range (5)?

How can python 1 and 2 return 2?

Getting Started with Python algorithms – Stack (stack)

Python operator

Python lambda gold finger function

sqrt ()
Python sqrt () function
Python Square Root

The sqrt () method returns the square root of the number x.

ABS ()
Python functions Daily-ABS ()

Return absolute Value

Max ()
How do you use the Max function in Python to process the list?
Python List Max () method

Len ()
Python gets string length

Split ()
Python Split () method

Python split () slices a string by specifying a delimiter, separating the NUM substring only if the parameter num has the specified value

CMP ()
Python cmp () function

The CMP (x,y) function is used to compare 2 objects if x < y returns 1 if x = = y returns 0 if x > y returns 1.

Insert ()
Python List Insert () method

The insert () function is used to insert the specified object into the specified position of the list.

Upper () &lower ( )
Python string Capitalization conversion

Upper () converts a string to uppercase
Lower () to convert a string to a lowercase letter

reduce ()
The reduce () function of Python

Reduce () Calls function f repeatedly for each element of the list, and returns the final result value.

Enumerate ()
The enumerate function in Python

The enumerate function is used to traverse the elements in a sequence and their subscript

Range ()
Verbose recording Python's range () function usage

Flatten ()
Flatten usage in Python

sum ()
summation function sum in Python

The argument for sum () is a list

isupper ()
The Isupper () method used in Python to check the English letter capitalization

The Isupper () method checks whether all uppercase characters (letters) of a string are capitalized.

Ord () &CHR ( )
How to turn a character into a ascll value in Python

Ord (): Character variable ASCII
Chr (): ASCII variable character module

operator Module
Python operator-standard function operation

Collections Module
[Counter class of Python standard library--collections module]

Copy Module
Use copy module to implement list copy in Python

If you want to achieve deep copy, you might use Copy.deepcopy () to sort The data operations

The sort method in Python uses the detailed

Python List sort () add key and reverse parameter action method

Python string Sorting method

Python sort, sorted advanced sorting tips
Dictionary key or key value sorting in Python

>>> student_tuples = [
        (' John ', ' A ',
        ], (' Jane ', ' B ', '),
        (' Dave ', ' B ',],
>> > Sorted (student_tuples, Key=lambda student:student[2])   # Sort by age
[(' Dave ', ' B ',], (' Jane ', ' B ', 12), ( ' John ', ' A ',]
//Shoes are bad, and if necessary, add reverse= True to further implement the sort you want
sorted (Dict.items (), Key=lambda e:e[1], reverse=true)

Python_python four ways to traverse a list

/* personal prefer to use the following two ways to traverse the list/
///Similar Java enhanced for loop:
for I
          in list: print I
//naive traversal, You can get to the element index: for
i in range (len (list)):
          print List[i]

Python list Operation detailed

Python implements list array transpose

How to traverse an array in reverse in Python

Python two list intersection, and set, difference set String

Handling of Nonetype in Python string processing

Python string strings Lookup Find and Index method

Python string inversion

s = ' ABCDE '

How Python determines whether a string contains substrings

Directly with in and not, and to and not is the same

Python advanced-python implements substring intercept substring

Python generates a string with a length of 100, and the value is all 1

(' 1 ' *100)

How Python Compares two strings

Compare directly with "= ="

Python data type conversions (str to int conversion)

String str converts to Int:int_value = Int (str_value)
int converts to string str:str_value = str (int_value) Dict

Python Dictionary items return list, Iteritems return iterator

The dictionary items () method and the Iteritems () method are built-in functions of the Python dictionary that return the Python list and iterator Set

How set in Python only takes the result Queue

Python queue \ Debug

Python code problem typeerror: ' int ' object is not callable

For example, when you use the Max function in your program, but you define a variable with the same name as the function, you may get a similar error P.K. how to differentiate between functions and methods in Python.
function (functions) and Methon (method) in Python

string concatenation in Python

The use and distinction of Python collections.defaultdict () and Dict

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