Search engine Solr environment setup instance

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Search engine Solr environment setup instance

The Solr server is developed using Java 5 and is based on Lucene full-text search. To build Solr, first configure the java environment and install the corresponding jdk and tomcat.

The latest solr4.10.3 version is set up in the jdk1.7 and tomcat 1.7 environments.

The procedure is as follows:

1. Go to

2. Create a directory/webapps/mysolr/solr

3. decompress the package solr-4.10.3, find the solr. war package in webapps under example, and decompress it.

4. Copy the decompressed war package (solr folder) to the directory created in Step 1:/webapps/mysolr

5. Copy the jar packages in two places to/webapps/mysolr/solr/WEB-INF/lib

(1) All jar packages in the lib package under example

(2) All jar packages in the ext package under lib under example

6. Copy the log4j. properties file under example/resource to/webapps/mysolr/solr/classpath.

7. solrhome Configuration:

Create a solrhome Directory:/webapps/mysolr/solrhome, and copy all files under example/solr to/webapps/mysolr/solrhome.

Then modify the configuration file/webapps/mysolr/solr/WEB-INF/web. xml, release the solr/home annotation and configure it as follows:

<Env-entry-name> solr/home </env-entry-name>
<Env-entry-value>/webapps/mysolr/solrhome </env-entry-value>
<Env-entry-type> java. lang. String </env-entry-type>

8. Deploy/webapps/mysolr/solr to tomcat and start tomcat.

After completing the basic setup of the solr environment, visit http: // loclhost: 8080/solr to see the following interface:


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