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With the successful promotion of e-commerce in the country, Beijing east, Suning and other large-scale enterprises, such as the successful operation of integrated online mall, a batch of industrial classification of the Independent shop also developed in full swing. Along with this upsurge, shop system and other related derivative open shop platform industry also appeared spurt well type development. At present, the light has a certain impact on the shop system has more than 10, such as familiar with the Java online shop system: shop++, probiz,php Shop system: SHOPEX, Ecshop, etc. has been successfully for more than 400,000 business services. We compare the various online shop system in the function, performance, service and other aspects have their own characteristics and advantages, the ultimate goal is to open the shop for the Friends service, the following we simple analysis of programming language Java and PHP in the shop system construction performance, analysis of which programming language is more suitable for shop system construction.

Analysis of the technical framework of shop system

Technical framework is the skeleton of the system, layered system is the performance of effective organization, the system of a good layered design, it can achieve "high cohesion, low coupling", can also be separated from the specific problems, easy to control, easy to extend, easier to allocate resources. PHP is a process-oriented development method, PHP shop system can only achieve a simple distributed two or three-tier architecture; Java uses the object-oriented system design method, the Java Shop system uses the MVC pattern design, realizes the multi-layer network structure, causes the system to have the more efficient, the reasonable system structure.

Can be learned that the programming language Java and PHP in the design of different, the system in the technical framework of the difference, making the system in the scalability, demand strain on the gap between the more and more, the Java Shop system in the shop++ in the layered unique design is a living example.

Security Analysis of Shop system

Online shop security is the most important, but for online shop system is not absolutely safe to say, security should be relative to a certain extent. Java, PHP is self-evident, Java security is an absolute advantage, PHP because of its own design reasons easy to appear some security vulnerabilities (such as: SQL injection vulnerability). In the program code, the general technician in the PHP code after the code can be easily modified, and Java security in the high alert, the program code is a number of compiled good class. Class, if the Java Shop system does not provide source code or source code comments, ordinary programmers to crack The Java System source code may take years. The most obvious example, now the world's top 500, banks, national defense, government, payment sites are based on Java technology to build, visible Java in the system security important position.

Analysis of online shop system database

Network programming is the most important database, the database is ready-made, PHP can be compiled into with many databases connected functions, will write their own peripheral functions to indirect access to the database, you can easily modify the code to adapt to such changes. But PHP provides the database interface to support each other not unified, so the PHP shop system database access code is not universal; Java through JDBC to access the database, through the different database manufacturers to provide a database driver, easy access to the database, access to the database interface is more unified. If the same is the development of the Web application from the number of MySQL data to Oracle data, PHP needs to do a lot of modification work, and more cumbersome, Java only need a little effort to achieve.

It is worth proposing that the choice of database, directly with the security of online shop system is inseparable, such as Access database is very fragile, may be inadvertently in one day, you will find that your database file has already been down to go. and PHP Shop system database is mainly access and Mysql,java shop system in the database support more powerful, like shop++ shop system to support ACCESS, MySQL, Oracle, SQL Server, and other multiple databases.

Shop System Price Analysis

In terms of price, Java appears to be in the way, the Java Shop system from the basic technician wages, server purchases are higher than the PHP shop system n times, and PHP in the server and database are basically open source products, can greatly reduce the system development and operation costs, This should also be the PHP shop system by the vast number of netizens favor the important factors.

The analysis of the shop system's reverence

From the technology itself, Java is conducive to large-scale projects of collaborative programming development, easy to maintain the system, reusable better. and PHP easy self-study, so that hot-standby can quickly and concisely write code, suitable for rapid development, small and medium-sized project development. PHP because of its own design reasons, lack of multi-layer structure support, for large project load site, can only use distribution calculation. Also, the database interface provided by PHP is not uniform, it takes a lot of effort to unify the data of different databases. It can be said that PHP can do a single event, but it is not suitable for the completion of a high degree of integration of multiple concurrent events, so that PHP is only suitable for small and medium project development.


No authority or evaluation software can assess the good and bad of a technology, we want to see is the technology to the users of happiness, the user's support rate, evaluation is how. Just like the online shop system, its essential meaning is the same, only for the different range of consumers to launch. Therefore, the Netizen opens the shop to choose the shop system should pay attention to the system the price ratio, suits own development system is the most important. In short, good technology is not a value in the leading position, just like 10 years ago, ASP, not also to many netizens brought laughter, only when the economic development, different needs, coupled with the improvement of technical requirements, not adapt to the status quo and, but in history will always leave a glorious page for him.

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