SNMP installation configuration under Linux

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Take the installation configuration of Redhat as an example:

Compiling and installing

First we need to download NET-SNMP source code, select a version, such as the latest version of 5.7.1, the address is as follows:


Next, unzip the downloaded source code package as follows:

Tar xzvf net-snmp-5.7.1.tar.gz

The compilation rules are then generated by configure, as follows:

CD net-snmp-5.7.1

./configure--prefix=/usr/local/snmp--with-mib-modules=ucd-snmp/diskio--with-default-snmp-version= "3"

The--with-mib-modules=ucd-snmp/diskio option allows the server to support disk I/O monitoring.

--with-default-snmp-version option, is the default install V3 version

--with-sys-location position

--with-sys-contact Contact

--with-logfile Log file directory


Next, start compiling and installing

Make && make install

So far, we've got an SNMP agent that can run, it's in/usr/local/snmp/sbin/snmpd, and we're going to have to do some necessary setup before we start it.

Configuring the V3 version

Example.conf to =/usr/local/snmp/share/snmp/snmpd.conf under the copy source package


modifying snmpd.conf files

Rouser UniMas Auth

Note: When adding users, make sure that the SNMP service is not running or cannot be added.

As you can see, in V3, "Rouser" is used to represent a read-only account type, and subsequent "Jiankongbao" is the specified username, followed by "auth" to indicate the need for verification.

CreateUser UniMas MD5 MyPassword

This line of configuration means creating a user named "UniMas" with the password "MyPassword" and encrypting the transmission with MD5. Here's a reminder:

Password must be at least 8 bytes


Setting the NET-SNMP environment variable

Set the environment variable to append under the/etc/profile file

Path=/usr/local/snmp/bin:/usr/local/snmp/sbin: $PATH

Export PATH

Add to Startup file

Append at end of/etc/rc.local file


Restart the NET-SNMP service


Or use the service snmpd stop

Service SNMPD Start


/usr/local/snmp/bin/snmpwalk-v 3-l authnopriv-a md5-u unimas-a hzhz2003 SYSDESCR

Normal words will appear.

snmpv2-mib::sysdescr.0 = String:linux localhost.localdomain 2.6.18-274.el5 #1 SMP Fri June 04:43:29 EDT x86_64

Test/usr/local/snmp/bin/snmpwalk-v 3-l authnopriv-a md5-u unimas-a hzhz2003 if

Back up the network card and other information

Indicates successful installation configuration

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