Social media marketing investment and return

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Social media marketing investment and return
Basic Information
Author: (US) Olivier Blanchard (Oliver. branchard) [Translator's introduction]
Translator: Wang Tianyan
Press: Electronic Industry Press
ISBN: 9787121171536
Mounting time:
Published on: February 1, July 2012
Start: 16
Page number: 1
Version: 1-1
Category: economic management more about social media marketing investment and return
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The author, Blanchard, shows readers the unique advantages of social media in marketing from many aspects, such as cost and effectiveness. At the same time, it solves the problem of the rate of return on social media investment that has always plagued enterprise managers, it helps enterprise operators understand the role of social media in company management, and also helps project implementers conduct and final evaluation of social media projects.
Social media marketing investment and return is suitable for professionals engaged in social media-related work, enterprise managers who need to carry out social media projects, and college students of e-commerce and marketing-related majors.
Social media marketing investment and return
1st development of social media solutions
Chapter 2 establishing social enterprises 2
Evolution, human nature and inevitable business socialization 3
Channel Transformation: social media vs. social communication 5
Why social media is related to business 6
Influence and media: Lateral vs. vertical power 7
Chapter 5 align social media with business goals 11
Value of social media to Companies 12
Differentiate between strategy and tactics 12
Differentiate between goals and indicators 13
Bundling social media projects and business goals 13
How to turn goals into indicators to develop processes 15
The five major commercial functions can be simply enhanced through social media projects 16
Social media of Non-Profit Organizations 22
Chapter 5 planning performance evaluation 25
Tools, methods, and objectives 25
Select the appropriate social media evaluation software for your project 26
Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) 27
Social media and sales evaluation: F. R. Y. 31
Chapter 3 establishing clear ideas, objectives and implementation plans 38
Allow employees from top to bottom or from bottom to top to buy 39
Change the way of managing social media 44
Lay a solid foundation for integration and management 48
2nd integration of social media projects
Chapter 2 understanding how to integrate social media into the company 52
Architecture: first, design a sketch for the social media process 52
Understanding four stages of social media application 53
Noah's Ark vs. Pirate Ship: social media integration model 57
Full deployment from lab to social media architecture 59
Centralization vs decentralization: Social Media Management Model 62
Chapter 2 people-oriented 67
Recruitment, training and certification of social media activities 67
Recruitment of social media director (Strategic Position) 68
Recruitment of tactical social media positions 72
Chapter 1 Guidelines for the establishment of social media for companies 79
Guidelines, specifications and objectives 79
Chapter 1 lay a solid foundation for effective social media management 91
Establish the organizational structure of social media projects: leadership and reporting 92
Establish the organizational structure of social media projects: Cross-Department Cooperation 96
Basic Technical Requirements 99
Chapter 1 new brand communication rules in the social media era 9th
The influence of social media on Brand communication is roughly 109.
Transparent, opaque, confidential, and public information 114
Protection of confidential files and data in the social media era: 117
3rd Social Media Project Management
Chapter 4 listening before talking about 10th
Business Intelligence and search 123
Real-time situation awareness capabilities: 125
New Market Research path: From "I don't know" to "Let's find out" 127
Chapter 2 social media and network brand management 11th
Introduction to the new example of network brand management 130
Integrate all policies into 149
Chapter 4 real-time network support-solving all problems of customer service at a time 12th
Superhero principle 154
Basic social media customer service model 156
New Network Administrator and customer services 3.0 160
Network Conflict Solution 162
From risk to opportunity: Transfer 165 of anger in the mind and other factors
Chapter 4 Social Media Project Management-combining all elements 13th
Social media management: in the company, outsourcing, or between the two? 167
11 best practices of social media project management 172
Always focus on business goals: how to integrate marketing and social media projects
Integration 176
Thoughts on social media project management 180
4th Social Media Project Evaluation
Chapter 1 Evaluation Method for Designing social media projects 14th
Before doing this, you need to know why: always pay attention to the target and indicator 185.
Considerations for evaluation in the social media field 185
The cornerstone of the evaluation method: monitoring, evaluation, analysis and reporting 186
Best way to evaluate performance 188
Adding speed and uniqueness to the social media Evaluation Method 196
Chapter 1 ROI and other social media results 15th
ROI and business evaluation 200
Financial and non-financial results and Discussion on conversions 202
What is ROI 208?
Combine social media and income statement 213
Combine non-financial results with social media performance by 215
Chapter 4 F. R. Y. (frequency, media arrival rate and benefits) and social media 16th
Find appropriate vocabulary importance 230
Financial and non-financial aspects of frequency 233
Financial and non-financial aspects of media delivery rate: 239
Financial value of earnings: 243
Chapter 2 social media project analysis and report 17th
Crushing vacuum: 246 of the Cooperation Analysis Requirements
Best way to report social media data 248
Verify project 256 using numbers
Regard performance data as useful information 259
Postscript 265

Source of this book: China Interactive publishing network

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