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In the development of machine learning or in-depth learning, using the Python language to start feeling less convenient than MATLAB, such as the need to set breakpoints in the program to see the image found in the correct point, in the MATLAB I can set breakpoints in any location, Then in the Command window to enter the command to check the variable state, this feature I feel very convenient. And using Python makes me feel very uncomfortable, set breakpoints after the point of debug to stop at the breakpoint (Pycharm), and the breakpoint stopped after the watch variable also have a lot of redundant information ah, in fact, I would like to see several coordinates several eigenvalues. Spyder or anaconda that include Spyder libraries can.

Spyder is a simple integrated development environment developed by the author of Python (x,y) for it. Compared with other Python development environments, its greatest advantage is to imitate the "workspace" function of Matlab, it is easy to observe and modify the value of the array. Not much said in the Win7 installation process as follows

1 Download http://www.softpedia.com/get/Programming/Other-Programming-Files/Spyder.shtml

2 Download Complete Click Run, found the following problems:

This is because Spyder is based on PYQT4, so if you start the Spyder report error, install a PYQT4 4.6+ version.

3 problem resolution, install PYQT4 on Windows, for simple installation, or directly install WHL format installation package, this package is compiled, the installation speed is relatively fast. (If you have not installed the wheel module before, you only need to enter the DOS: input pip install wheel)

Open the http://www.lfd.uci.edu/~gohlke/pythonlibs/#pyqt4 and download the WHL file that corresponds to the Python version and the system version

CMD CD to WHL file directory, enter

Pip Install PYQT4-XX-WIN64.WHL

4 authentication, DOS input Python,import PyQt4. The installation was successful without an error.

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