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SQL Server 2008 We can also experience a lot of new features, but for SQL Server 2008 installation, it's better to talk in a diagram. This article starts with the installation of SQL Server 2008.

This one was supposed to play the first of the server features: Adrms, did not expect to install a few times installed successfully, but there are errors, then did not recruit, intend to put the RMS database into the SQL to toss and toss, so in order not to let everyone feel abrupt, so this SQL Server 2008 installation, SQL Server 2008 is also very important in the enterprise application, a variety of financial systems, ERP systems, OA systems and so will use the SQL Server 2008 database, and even the site can be used to the database as a Web site backstage, but also calculate the basis of the application bar, I also to experience the next SQL Server It's 2008.

This example topology expands again to add a SQL Server 2008 server as shown in the figure

Next to the normal dish, start the installation

Put the SQL Server 2008 CD in and run it directly.

Required installation. NET then pretend it.

Boom, make a mistake, can't install it, then go to Server Manager installed

Open the Feature Installation Wizard and select. NET to require installation. Other roles required by net

Start installation

IIS role, default OK, we don't want IIS

Start installation

Installation complete.

Run SQL Server 2008 installation again

Click Install-New SQL Server Standalone installation, if we have a failover cluster ready, then we can create a failover cluster SQL

General Inspection

A smile.

Select a version, or enter an automatic key recognition version

Authorization Agreement

Supporting file Installation

Install complete start checking itself

Two warnings, one is. NET warning that no network will be delayed, or that you need to download files

One number to open the port, ignore it, open it later.

Select installed features, SQL database and Administrative Tools

Select instance

Drive Check

Select a service account, as shown in the Local System account selected

Authentication mode: SQL and local mode, enter password, add Administrator, can add local group or current user

Choose to report Microsoft options

Run check

Information Preview Confirmation

Start the formal installation.

Installation Complete

Click Close to finish

Sql2008 in the Start menu

Open Smse Management tool

Open management tools as shown

The new database option actually has the boot PS option, integrated into the sql2008

New Database page has abandoned sql7.0, only compatible with SQL Server 2000, the other is not a big change

After starting PS as shown

New inbound rule in firewall, port selection 1433

Setup is complete and can be done on the client. Oh, the next try to test RMS whether there are errors, and then there are mistakes I was depressed.

Original title: 2008r2win7 Management 24 SQL2008

Link: http://www.cnblogs.com/ccfxny/archive/2009/10/13/1582178.html

Here are some small graphs that are not very detailed

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