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Starting with 2005, the Database Mail feature was introduced. and replace SQLMail. The original SQLMail can continue to be used.

SQLMail requires an application programming interface (Extended Messaging application programming Interface,mapi) that can cause SQLMail to fail when installing new office.

Database Mail is more secure, reliable, and does not require MAPI. An e-mail message with cluster-aware ability to automatically retransmit a failed send.

Note: The Express Edition does not support Database Mail.



For security reasons, Database Mail is disabled by default and can be enabled and configured through sp_configure or the Database Mail Configuration Wizard.

In addition, Database Mail requires the SQL Agent to send mail. Coworkers must have permission to access the network SMTP server.

Configuration: Database Mail account: Basic hive E-mail sender information:

All outgoing emails must come from this account, not forced to be a real email address.

SMTP connection message: The SMTP server name and port number are included in the account configuration information. e-Mail Retry configuration: Specifies how many times the email is sent and the retry interval.
e-Mail size limit: The size of the sent message configuration. List of excluded Attachment extensions: Provides the list log level for prohibited extensions:

Specifies that logging is performed at that level.

We recommend creating a mail-only account.

Can be configured by ssms→ management → Database Mail. Archive: You can view information through the following views:
Sysmail_allitems View message Information
Sysmail_mailattachments View message Attachment information
Sysmail_eventlog View message Log information

Because Database Mail is not automatically maintained, DBAs need to be maintained manually to avoid excessive amounts of data. Use: msdb.dbo.sysmail_delete_mailitems_sp and msdb.dbo.sysmail_delete_log_sp to delete data.

SQL Server 2008/sql Server R2 metabase mail

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