Step by step teach you how to build a website using PHP + MySQL

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Step by step, we will teach you how to use PHP + MySQL to build a website. PHP is a background development technology that is easy to learn and use. users only need to have little programming knowledge, you can use PHP to create a Web site with interactive functions. PHP is also an embedded HTML scripting language. most of the syntax comes from the C language, and some PHP features are used in Java and Perl languages.

The biggest characteristic of PHP is its simplicity and inherent integration with MySQL. According to the current market situation, about 22 million websites use PHP technology, and the number of websites continues to increase. PHP technology is also supported by computer industry giants, such as IBM and Oracle are committed to developing programs that support PHP software to smoothly read its database and support the development of PHP.

This tutorial describes how to use PHP + MySQL to build a website, from applying for a domain name at the beginning, establishing a database to developing basic website functions. This allows you to learn about and build your own website based on the tutorial.

Target audience

Advanced PHP website developers are especially suitable for readers who have a programming Foundation and want to fully learn PHP technology and improve their practical application capabilities.

Learning prerequisites
  • Familiar with the PHP language.
  • I have some knowledge about MySQL databases, and can perform simple operations on database configuration and add, delete, modify, and query operations.

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