Step by step, we will build a series of formal project tutorials using the ABP framework.

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Step by step, we will build a series of formal project tutorials using the ABP framework.

It has been several days since we studied the ABP framework. The name of this framework has been around for a long time. However, due to the limited internal skills at the time, we didn't quite understand it, so we just remembered the name of the ABP. In the past few days, I have seen the series of "The Garden friends @ sunshine mingrui" and ignited the fire of my heart to study the ABP framework. @ Sunshine Ming Rui series of ABP tutorials I have read the end, and the relevant document of the ABC official website ( also read almost. At the same time, I also found that many of the series of "Garden friends @ sunshine mingrui"'s ABP tutorials were translated from the official website, and the translation level was limited, it is difficult for me to pick a sick who is slightly interested in English (maybe @ Sun Ming Rui is too busy). Hey hey, hope @ Sun Ming Rui forgive me! At the same time, I also saw that many park friends hope that they can use this framework to create a project Demo (in fact, there is also a Demo on the official website, which feels a little simpler ). Now I want to start a new project and use this framework, so I want to share with you the steps and ideas of using this framework step by step. However, I will not share the source code in advance, because it is a formal project involving confidentiality agreements such as corporate privacy, and because I sincerely hope to improve it. net developer's hands-on ability, do not cultivate "reaching out to the party", improve. net ecosystem "Protection (Cheng) Wei (ordering) persons (Members)" quality. However, if you have any questions, I will share them with you in the comments area. Thank you for your support!

Help you learn the advertisement: for the Chinese "theory" tutorial of the ABP framework, you can view @ Sun Ming Rui series of tutorials (, if your English is better, so I suggest you read the English documents on the official website. [It is recommended that programmers learn English well and get a lot of first-hand information on advanced technologies, otherwise, your understanding of the technology depends on the level of the translator]

The series of tutorials will be expanded in the following order, which may change. The following is just a similar outline (it is also a recommended step to create an application using the ABP framework). For details, refer to the specific article!

1. Use the boilerplate template to create a solution Ii. Create an object class 3. Create DbContext 4. Create a database for Migration 5. Define warehousing Vi. Warehousing 7. Build an application layer service 8. Data Verification 9. Construct a Web API Service 10. Development UI Layer 11. Localization 12. Unit Test Summary


I declare that this is just an outline of my plan. I hope you will pay more attention and support me! If you have any questions, leave your remarks in the comment area!

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