Visual Studio 2015 and. NET 4.6 RTM were officially released.

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Visual Studio 2015 and. NET 4.6 RTM were officially released.

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Microsoft finally officially released the RTM version of the Visual Studio 2015 product family. This release demonstrates that Microsoft has taken an important step towards the development of development tools, they are committed to providing a tool to support application development on all mainstream application platforms, including not only the Windows product family, but also the iOS and Android platforms. For VS2015, the focus is not limited to development on the Windows platform, but to launch a product that can meet the needs of Windows developers and attract other mainstream platform developers.



, "Select format", you can select Web (online) or download ISO files.


Although Microsoft recommends VS 2015 community edition, it continues to launch Express versions for desktop, Web, and Windows 10. With Visual Studio Code added, developers can try various functions in Visual Studio in different ways before purchasing a commercial license.


Microsoft recommends installing VS2015 through the web installation package. However, if you prefer to install the Community edition by downloading the complete ISO, You can first download the web installation package, then, use the command line option/layout to download all available packages of the corresponding version. All command line options are described in detail in the installation guide. As an enterprise user, if the Community edition function is insufficient to meet work needs, but you are unwilling or have no budget to buy the Enterprise Edition, you can purchase the VS2015 Professional Edition.


Also released together with VS2015 include. NET 4.6. The new version of the Framework introduces some new features that have been developed for a long time. The first is 64-bit. NET Applications will use the new RyuJIT compiler for compilation, while WPF developers will be able to benefit from improvements in high DPI resolution display and Touch support, and the function of using transparent subforms. The new version also improves the performance of the garbage collector and CLR Assembly loader (such as 32-bit applications such as Visual Studio ). For details about all changes in. NET 4.6, refer to the description of Rich Lander from Microsoft in the formal release statement.


Microsoft chose to provide. NET 4.6 installation in multiple ways, which is very practical .. NET 4.6 is a part of Windows 10 and a standard package in VS2015. In addition, you can directly install it on Windows 7 or 8. Developers using VS2012 or later versions can download the. NET Framework 4.6 target package to generate applications for. NET 4.6. Note that the target package cannot replace the. NET Framework installation package. You must ensure that. NET Framework 4.6 Is Installed first.


The user's response to this release was quite positive. "snoman" said that the emergence of. NET 4.6 makes programming SIMD (single-instruction stream multi-data stream) easier. "Moron4hire", the eccentric user, verifies that a valid BizSpark account with Visual Studio flagship MSDN subscription will automatically switch to the Enterprise Edition subscription. The user "haletonin" wants to be able to install an independent Microsoft C ++ compiler Toolkit (without installing the entire Visual Studio, the Department Responsible for Visual Studio said they would consider providing this option in future releases.

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