Web page with the title of Chinese UTF-8 encoded in IE will display a blank page

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Reason: This is because IE parsing the page encoding when the HTML tag first, and then the HTTP header message, and the Mozilla series of browsers is just the opposite. Since UTF-8 represents a man for 3 bytes, the normal GB2312 or BIG5 is two. When the page output, because of the above reasons, so that the browser parsing, output <title></title> content, if there is an odd number of full-width characters before </title>, ie treats UTF-8 as a two byte parsing when half of the Chinese characters appear, At this time the half of the Chinese character and </title> < combined into a garbled character, resulting in IE can not read the <title> part, so that the entire page is empty hundred output. This time, if you look at the source file, you will find that the entire leaf has actually been output.

Workaround: <meta charset= "UTF-8" > before <title></title>

Made a small test using the Windows SP4 operating system, IE6 SP1 and Firefox browser. All files use the DOS format line break. The test code is as follows:
<?php header ("content-type:text/html; Charset=utf-8″)?>

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