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Attention LU Songsong Many people have done the experience of the site, but do the biggest problem is not to make money, you can say that nine out of ten are not making money, of course, some people do the site just for the simple record of life, but more webmaster still want their site to be profitable. Why don't you make money on your website today? Let's look at the different views of netizens on making websites.

The corner has not seen hope: I think that the individual webmaster do not play both technology and play profit thinking, now a website operation is relying on the team, the profit space of the individual stationmaster is getting smaller, less than the technology of selling technology, no technology to do the idea, do not both in the technology spend time and the promotion of profit spend time, so really tired. The pressure is really getting bigger.

My blog: Do the site, can not start to think about making money, do something you like in the top! Long time, bread will have, refueling, adhere to the end is victory!

Stock house Xin Huan Huan: stationmaster is so unbearable! If there is no stable salary, every month to vote on the stock, I was starving. It is recommended that most people who eat on the Internet should find a proper job and work hard.

6 years is still a blank: I myself also started in 09 the first official domain name and website, 07 when the application of the kind of free two-level domain name. I was still at school at that time. Now flash son to six or seven years later, has been insisting on persistent insistence, but it is regrettable that the road is completely invisible to the end. A penny has not been fished, but the whole youth into the trap. The six or seven-year-old website has yielded less than hundreds of dollars, not a fraction of the one-month job.

In this era, even the site is more and more spelling dad. Over the past 6 7 years, really want to say, grassroots, don't be blind toss. The industry has not existed at all. Personal stationmaster is thorough bottom loses at the starting line of a group of people, want to rely on one's own strength, undertake to promote build station content optimization customer service and so on dozens of characters, you do not eat not to drink are busy.

Life is too short to waste.

Heng Qi: I also have nothing, that must give themselves to find a way to earn a living, the reality of life has been enough difficult, did not expect to make a living on the internet is as difficult

Ace Net Earn Forum: Failure is not terrible, terrible is that they do not know where to lose. It's never too late to get to know yourself, even from the beginning.

Original net Earn Forum: Anyone will experience failure, failure is not scary, on the contrary, failure can let us find a better way. Actually life is a step by step groping process! is the process of overcoming difficulties, I think we should learn to enjoy the process. Feel the power of conquest!

Wang Baosen: Wang Baosen is in contact with the network promotion in February 10, it is a few months later than the author of this article ... So far the same, can not get a decent website, read the author of the failure experience, Wang Baosen think he most failure of the place ... I did it, but I gave it up! Wang Baosen's blog Renewal to 2021, the construction of the Push 56 forum domain name renewal to 2022 years. My understanding of this piece is, since like, then do ... In addition, compared to the cost of sell his grove dollars per year, that is not what. In addition, even if I do not want to do now, I continue to keep the site, I thought about it that day, then the foundation of the platform and now is certainly different, remember Baosen heard Dong Qin Peak said a word: He said that the reason behind the success, because the original and he did the Webmaster forum, most of the webmaster, most of them are now closed, Did not persist, and insisted on the few, the basic now also has a certain scale! The others don't say much ... You know!

The next SEO blog: All the failure in my opinion is not enough focus, like some people do 100 stations a year, and some people only do 1 stations in ten years. But the pros and cons are probably the only ones who can understand. In my opinion, focus is always good, overall is good, but too comprehensive, For example, if you are studying in a university more than 10 20, it is best to learn that there are no two subjects, right?

Love Huichang Network: In fact, the network of money on the master is really very much, but for the novice to play their own advantages, if the novice to find ways to make money is the reason, often there are a few, the first too lazy, obviously already have the means to make money, but do not want to do boring repetitive work, The second does not know how to analyze the revenue amplification, in fact, do stationmaster is not easy, want to make a profit site is not so easy.

Jinyeng99: The wind of internet money is now prevailing, and many people with lofty ideals are engaged in it. But how many people can actually reach the goal in the end? The big waves, most of them died on the beach. I still mean, net earn also need time, don't be too impatient, otherwise, see effect also can only give up.

As a hobby, all the natural, perhaps, inadvertently you have to make money through the Internet. Ha ha. Personal insights.

Forget: calculate, my domain name also has more than a year, the website also did not have what to take care of, really, perhaps really three years also did not earn a penny, this money ah, want to earn also not to earn, at present, own blog station just as a business interest to treat, have not really rely on the website to make money AH.

Xin Huan Huan: Yes, pine, personal preferences and self-righteous, in the site or investment is quite stupid, I now think of it or a good reading study, and so the wife to learn back, the economy is much looser, so investment pressure is not big, the site is really not suitable for me, I still continue to study the capital market bar. People and people are different, the road is different, all roads to Rome, as long as the success is good. Perhaps for the network, you are destined to be a success, and I can only be a loser. I wanted to diversify the investment, resulting in a multi-dimensional deterioration! Fortunately this blog investment is small, nearly four years time, an investment of more than 1200, right when experience and lessons.


650) this.width=650; "alt=" Why doesn't your website make money? The reasons are here. Experience "Src=" http://images.lusongsong.com/zb_users/upload/2016/09/ 201609062315_74.jpg "width=" 335 "height=" 236 "/>

These are in Lu Songsong blog comments, Spit groove not to make money, there are very pessimistic also have positive upward, the following say my opinion, I still love the site, for the site I also toss a long time, experienced some failure. Although it is still not very good, but I still learn a lot of experience in the failure. Let's talk about the reasons why most webmasters fail.

1, not enough to adhere to, many people are not updated, to do daily updates or regular updates, more than a lot of people strong.

2, the website does not have the clear profit way.

3, the site user experience to do bad, do the site first to want to provide what value, do a good job of sincere sharing. Some stationmaster's article just to deal with search engine.

4, no clear structure, the site changes frequently, we do the site at the beginning of the time always like to change to change, resulting in poor site rankings. It is important to have a clear architecture. To properly layout the keywords.

5, not to seriously treat, just to record life.

In fact, I believe that some basic knowledge of SEO Many people are understand, poor on the details. The main thing is to meet the user experience, of course, this is a cliché problem, but there are still a lot of people did not do.

For example: Some people Web site layout is not good, the words are stacked together. Site layout Paragraph The first indentation between paragraphs empty a cross plus a picture difficult? But someone didn't notice.

For example: whether there is to the Webmaster Platform automatic submission, site map, active push all do?

For example: whether the size of the website font is easy to navigate.

For example: regularly update high-quality original content whether you can insist.

For example: Previously LU Songsong blog is a manual article to add related articles.

For example: The site is too ambitious to make the reading experience poor.

For example: Automatic music playback of the website.

For example: Slow website access speed.

For example: too many ads.

Moreover is the content aspect, many stationmaster all blindly pursues the article to collect the quantity, actually the article contains the quantity does not represent your website to be good. Some include more than 10,000 but only the weight of one, some sites included is not much but has a high weight, a lot of webmasters in order to meet the search engine to write articles, but our users are the site of this, to solve the actual problems of users, ranking naturally not too bad. I have seen a site included only more than 500, but already weight 3!

This site is also very small outside the chain. His website is a blog, giving people the feeling is very real, as if he is around you, give people a high degree of trust. Inside chain do also good, link nature, let people very want to click. The structure is very clear, the whole website is written around the theme, no unnecessary nonsense.

The age of the site is also more influential weight, such as the above said the site, the article is basically updated before 13, I just pay attention to the weight of one, and then slowly become a weight of 2 and then become a weight 3, in this period only updated several articles, of course, this is based on the user experience.

How do you improve yourself? Actually, we can look at the industry to do good site, their layout is how? How did they do it? Then combine their own situation to improve, choose a website as your benchmark, to imitate beyond.

I also feel that do stationmaster prophase is very bitter force, do website is a long process, still have to insist, can't immediate, do a valuable website, intentions to treat. Now there are many self-media platform, the combination of the two will make you more powerful, I hope that my share can let everyone have a harvest, welcome to the public number to communicate with me, but also welcome the experts to criticize correct.

Are you working on a website? If so, how is it now? Tell me about your successful experience of failure.

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Why doesn't your website make money? That's why it's here.

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