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. Net remoting (application domain)-part.1

ArticleDirectory 1. Basic concepts of application domains 2. Basic operations on application domains 3. Create an object in the default application domain 4. Create an object in the new application domain 5. Proxy and sending)

Implementation of domain-driven design (DDD)

In 2004, when Eric Evans published his article "domain-driven design-the way to cope with software core complexity" (hereinafter referred to as "domain-driven design"), I was still in high school, it has been eight years since I came into contact

"Introduction to Programming (Java) 6.3 private Modifier"

The modifier private provides the highest protection and lowest visibility: The private decorated domain, method, and nested type, which can only be accessed in its definition class.6.3.1 PrivateThere will be some procedural restrictions in the

My domain name investment view domain names leave the website nothing

Because yesterday's article "writing to a new domain name, teach you not to invest in a lost domain name!" It has aroused the attention of many friends. QQ messages have never been stopped today. Some people ask me how much the domain name is worth.

Cross-domain Problem resolution (httpclient Security cross-domain & JSONP cross-domain)

1 Error ScenariosToday to deploy the project to the external network, there are such problems, I put two projects into their native tomcat, code debugging, runningThere is no problem, once I need to call the interface to the project B on the other

Ajax cross-domain, this should be the most complete solution

ObjectiveFrom the beginning of contact with the front-end development, 跨域 the word has been at a very high frequency at the side of repeated, until now, has been debugging N cross-domain related issues, 16 also collated a related article, but the

Ajax cross-Domain

OutlineAbout cross-domain, there are n types, this article only focus on ajax请求跨域 (, Ajax cross-domain is only part of the browser "same-Origin policy", the other is also a cookie cross-domain iframe cross-domain, Localstorage cross-domain, etc.),

Personal FTP site Domain name resolution SERV-U FAQ Solution for the Complete solution 1th/2 page _win server

Personal FTP site & domain Resolution of the complete solution (Super Classic) [text]Integration of the various forums on the creation of FTP and domain name resolution of the essence of the content,The main content from the new dynamic forumAll FTP

Loading and unloading assemblies through the application domain AppDomain

The door of the Microsoft assembly car seemed to open the door to the loading of the cargo but shut off the unloaded workers. There is only one key to the door, and it takes a little thought to get it. When I was learning remoting, I encountered a

Load and uninstall an assembly through the appdomain of the application domain [zz]

The door of Microsoft's car assembly seems to only open the door for cargo loading, but it will shut out the unload workers. There is only one key for the door. You have to worry about it. When I was learning remoting, I encountered a disturbing

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