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Why is domain name access so slow. At last, the wordpress post was edited by u011986449 from 2014-06-0216:0:37 and a wordpress blog system was recently configured. after The Post is completed, open the domain name www.woyaoni.cn & nbsp; and find that the access is slow. On the vps, I took a picture of the php + nginx + mysql set up by Dr. Zhang banquet. Why is domain name access so slow. Wordpress

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I recently configured a wordpress blog system, and then opened the domain name. www.woyaoni.cn found that the access was slow. On the vps, I took a picture of the php + nginx + mysql set up by Dr. Zhang banquet.

I found that the access was slow, so I deleted all the plug-ins.
The access was slow, so I installed super-cache.
I found the access was slow. I installed the memcached wordpress plug-in.
Finally, I found that everything else was actually very fast. Open firefox to see

It turned out to be the ghost of this domain name, and it took a lot of waste.
Why is the request for a domain name so slow? several times it takes more than a dozen seconds.
But why is access to the domain name so slow?

What is the reason for the failure to wait for a response?
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You can use netstat to check with ghost.
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Are other files or images loaded?

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It seems that wordpress uses Google's character service, and Google's wall causes wordpress to slow down. It is said that 360 has made an image
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The problem should not be in the domain name.
Tested the css, js, and images on your website, and opened the link to clear the cache ctrl + F5. the download speed is similar to flying.
We recommend that you use static html for an article.
Write a pure php script in the root directory, do not enter the wordpress process, do not connect to the database, directly echo 1 or something
I guess it may be about databases, or nginx configuration.

------ Solution --------------------
The sixth floor reminds me that, for example, file_get_contents (a link to a website that is slower than the tortoise) may also
------ Solution --------------------
View the code on the open page, optimize database queries, and code.

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