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[This article is from the Blog of the Windows team.: Http:// B /bloggingwindows/archive/2013/05/30/continuing-the-windows-8-vision-with-windows-8-1.aspx? Ref =]

The following parts are translated based on the original text and my own understanding. If there is any inconsistency, please refer to the original text for understanding.

Before we launched Windows 7, we were imagining what features the next generation of Windows products should have. We predict that the prospect of PC and industry development will change significantly with the enhancement of the mobile industry. The prediction emphasizes that the Windows 8 we created is a cross-age change. We constructed Windows 8 with touch as the first interactive model, which is the same for the mouse and keyboard, and has a divergent innovation, a diversity of high mobile devices and a ubiquitous connection experience. Windows 8 makes our work and entertainment more closely integrated.


[In the second paragraph, I personally think it is purely gossip. If there is no valuable information, I will not translate it here. If you are interested, you can refer to the original article.]


Windows 8.1 will drive the bold idea of Windows 8 to provide the next generation of PCs and tablets as well as a series of industrial devices, including common users and enterprise users. Windows 8.1 is more perfect than Windows 8. Windows 8.1 not only makes adjustments to previous user feedback, but also adds new features and the potential to drive Touch Experience and mobile computers. Windows 8.1 will be improved and enhanced in key areas, including personalization, search, app building, Windows Store experience, and cloud connection. Windows 8.1 will also make major changes to the enterprise field, such as management and security. For details, refer to the North America TechEd 2013 conference. Today, I am very happy to share with you what features have been improved, added, and changed in Windows 8.1.



In Windows 8.1, you can perform more personalized operations on your device. During Windows 8, we found that users like to use their family photos as the screen lock interface. Therefore, in Windows 8.1, you can turn your PC or tablet screen lock interface into an album to view your photos, including the photos on the device and SkyDrive. PS: is the screen lock interface an electronic album? You can also enable the built-in camera PS from the screen lock page without logging in: I personally think it is a bit similar to the function of holding down the camera key for 4 seconds on Windows Phone ).

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Windows 8.1 provides more colors and backgrounds for the start interface, including dynamic PS: this dynamic background experience is good ).

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You can even set the desktop background as the background of the Start interface to create a more familiar and friendly feeling. In addition, a new large and small tile is added to the start interface of Windows 8.1, so we can organize and arrange the tile of the Start interface as needed.


Windows 8.1 makes it easier to name a group and sort a tile. You can select multiple applications at a time, for example, setting the size, detaching, and changing the position of the tile. At the same time, we also found that users will move the tile inadvertently. In Windows 8.1, they will move the tile by pressing and holding or right-clicking.


You can slide up from the bottom of the screen to view all installed applications. PS: This changes a lot .), A new sorting condition is added for the application, including name, installation date, common use, and category. You want to place your favorite things on your start interface. When we install a new application from Windows Store, we will not place the application on the Start interface, instead, the application will be placed in the "Application View" mentioned above and marked as "new". You can choose it to "fix it to the first screen ".



In Windows 8.1, the search button will provide global search results. According to the filter conditions, Bing and simple-to-read do not particularly understand the meaning of the word, so no translation is provided) multi-content source aggregation attempts to include web pages, applications, files, and actions taken) to provide the best results. We believe that this will change the way users interact with the Web and Windows, making it easier to search for what they want.


It can be understood as "modern" command line operations. PS: I personally think this function is similar to Bing search in Windows Phone. It can not only search for related webpages, but also search for related applications)

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Quick operations include: You want to play music or video, sliding to the left, using the same view, it is easy to access all the results from local files, applications, and settings.


Applications and Windows stores:

For Windows 8.1, we will improve all built-in applications. For example, the current photo application has some new editing features, so that users can quickly edit, or the image can be automatically adjusted when the user browsed from the photo app or turned on from somewhere else like email, SkyDrive, or camera app. In addition, the music application has been re-involved to help you select and play music from the collection. We plan to discuss more about the built-in Windows 8.1 applications and some new brand applications that we will introduce in subsequent blogs.


In Windows 8.1, we have also improved the use of multiple applications at a time.

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In Windows 8.1, the size of the sticker view remains variable. You can view multiple applications simultaneously in multiple ways on one screen. You can set the application size at will. two or four applications can be viewed simultaneously on one screen. If a user connects to multiple display devices, the user runs different Windows Store applications on all display devices at the same time, and the Start Screen can be displayed on one display. This makes multitasking easier. In Windows 8.1, users can divide an application with the same sticker as everything into multiple Windows for display, for example, two IE Windows.


In Windows 8.1, the App Store is designed to improve. Compared with Windows 8, the Top free, new online, and selected apps on the home page will display more detailed information. The Application List is more descriptive, more informative, and includes associated applications to help users discover applications. Categories and other application commands are listed, such as application links and account information. Apps from the app store will be automatically updated in the background. You can search for the desired application in the upper-right corner.

Cloud connection:

In Windows 8.1, your files can be saved directly to SkyDrive, so you can have your own files at any time.

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The new SkyDrive application allows users to access their files on devices or on the cloud, and files can be accessed offline. At the same time, when a user logs on to a Windows 8.1 device using the Microsoft account by default, the user's settings and applications are magic-like personalization in their own devices. It is very easy to switch or set a new device. PS: I personally think that using the same account to log on to different devices will automatically synchronize the original settings and applications)


PC settings:

The updated PC settings in Windows 8.1 allow users to access all the settings of the device, instead of setting them in the control panel. Users can do these things, such as changing resolution, setting power options, viewing PC manufacturing and modes, changing product keys, running Windows Update, and even adding domains and all PC settings. You can also manage SkyDrive in PC settings and view the amount of storage space you can use and purchase more space if necessary ).



Web browsers on any device are still the most popular. In Windows 8.1, you will get IE11. IE11 is built on IE10 and is the only browser built for touch. IE11 will provide a better touch experience, faster page loading time, and other new features that we think users will like ). For example, you can adjust the appearance of IE11 to display only the address bar and have multiple open tabs. At the same time, users can access their own tabs asynchronously through other Windows 8.1 devices.


Mouse and keyboard optimization settings:

Today's PC is evolving into a world of mobile computers, where users can interact with their devices through touch, and based on this we have designed Windows 8. However, we acknowledge that many non-Touch devices are currently in use, especially in enterprise environments. Therefore, we focus on a series of improvement measures to ensure that user navigation with the mouse and keyboard is easier.


We have provided you with a way to navigate with the mouse, by changing the start button to a familiar Windows LogoPS: that is, adding a familiar Windows Start button ). When you move the cursor to the lower-left corner of the screen, a new start button appears, and remains visible in the taskbar in desktop mode. There are other options to change the role of the corner and enable the option to enter the backup interface. For example, if you want to browse all the CIDS associated with the application, you can choose to directly jump to the application view on the Start interface.


These updates are only part of Windows 8.1. We will post more changes in our blog over the next few weeks. If you have learned about the content we discussed earlier, Windows 8.1 will allow users to perform free design from Windows 8 at the end of this year, using the same method of upgrading the application through Windows Store today.

[The last two paragraphs are some information about the Bulid conference in June 26, as well as some objective words. I will not translate them here. If you are interested, you can read the original article.]

The following is a summary of the features mentioned in Windows 8.1.:

1. You can view multiple images simultaneously on the screen lock page;

2. Enable the built-in camera without logging in;

3. The background provides more colors and images, including dynamic images );

4. Set the background of the desktop and the background of the Start interface to one;

5. The starting interface adds the two largest and minimum tile specifications;

6. You can select multiple applications at a time to set the size, unmount, and change the position of the tile;

7. Move the tile by pressing and holding or right-clicking;

8. The screen slides up at the bottom of the screen to show the "Application View". You can also sort the view based on different sorting conditions;

9. Applications downloaded from Windows Store do not appear directly on the Start interface. You must manually choose "fixed" from "application view" to "Starting interface;

10. Integrate the search results into a view and quickly search for matching results based on filtering conditions, including Bing, local files, applications, and settings ).

11. The built-in application experience is updated;

12. Support for multi-dimensional viewing;

13. The Windows App Store Design Experience was updated;

14. files can be directly synchronized to SkyDrive. files can be synchronized between multiple devices and viewed offline;

15. You can set the computer without using the control panel;

16. Windows 8.1 comes with IE11;

17. A new start button is added;

18. The navigation operations with the mouse and keyboard were optimized;


Note: The currently involved Windows 8.1 features are not in the final versionThat is to say, these features may make significant changes.), Windows 8.1 preview version can be downloaded only after the announcement of the Bulid Conference on June 26.

You can also click the following link to watch the introduction video of Windows 8.1:

Http:// From = my

This article is from the "Wang Zukang" blog, please be sure to keep this source

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