Windows Server 2008 (R2) One-click Install PHP Environment (php5.3+fastcgi mode) _win server

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This article is described in the simplest and quickest way from the new Windows Server 2008 (R2), through the Guardian God · The PHP suite One-click Process for deploying PHP to run the environment is very simple.

Package Download Address :

Security of God PHP Package Features:

1, the package of components are from the official stable version, plus the security system built by the Guardian, MySQL database and phpMyAdmin site has been automatically configured security, one-click installation, rest assured use;

2, PHP version of 5.3.28, the use of non-threading security mode, FastCGI, running fast;

3, MySQL version for 5.5.19,myisam mode.

Escort God · What the PHP Suite version 5.3 contains:

· PHP 5.3.28 (fastcgi mode)

· MySQL (MyISAM mode)

· phpMyAdmin 3.5.3

· Myodbc 5.2.6

· Zendloader 5.5.0

· mysql password modifier

Installation steps:

1, first to configure the IIS environment, you need to open the function as shown:

2, then, download the PHP suite, after decompression, first click "Vcredist (VC9 Operating Environment installation)" EXE "installation VC operating environment, and then click on" Guardian God · PHP Suite (fastcgi-php5.3.28-32bit). exe "Start installation:

3, choose the installation location, the general default choice of D disk can be, at this time the MySQL data will also be placed in this location:

4, installation complete, remember to modify the root password

5, Installation Complete, click "Management phpMyAdmin" into the MySQL database management:

6, enter the default account password, account for root, password for must remember to modify (phpmyadmin default port is 999)

7, into the phpMyAdmin Management Center

8, Operation Phpinfo (); To view the PHP version information:

9, open the Guardian God • Host management system (, create a MySQL database, called: mysql53, pay attention not to start with numbers

10. Database Creation Complete

11, Refresh phpMyAdmin, you can see the newly created mysql53 has been created successfully:


1, PHP5.3 Suite can only run on the Windows 2003/2008/2012 platform, is a 32-bit suite;

2, if the need for other versions (5.2, 5.4, 5.5) kits please click:

3, the proposal with "Guardian God • Host management system" use, safe and convenient:

4, have any questions, welcome to the server Home forum: Post ^_^

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