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Kemin: It's awesome. Let's take a look and learn.

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Over the past few days, we have seen news from csdn that Ubuntu has restarted your old machine. My machine is old enough, mmx166, 64 M memory, 1 m graphics card. I rushed down to xubuntu6.06to install the initrd.gz and vmlinuz required by the hard drive. Despite the twists and turns in the installation process, after some exploration, the installation was successful. When the installation was successful, it was impossible to enter the graphic interface. Go back to Windows2000 and try all the methods in the Forum. Startx also tried, saying there is no such command, dizzy. In addition, if you enter the root user, you are not prompted to create a root user during the installation process. Try login: root, but you do not know what the password is. It is still in the text interface. I don't know how to deal with it. I can't help but complain about Linux:
========================================================== ==================
Your machine is too old. Ubuntu is not recommended. Generally, the popular Linux distributions on the market can be better on your machine.
Run. If you want to install RedHat 9, install RedHat 9. However, it is unlikely that you want to run smoothly in the graphic interface, mainly the memory.
It's really small. Use the character interface.

1. I am a top supporter of Linux. I like it's free and open, but it hurts me again and again. I am not a fan of the operating system. I don't want to be so troublesome during installation and use. I just want Linux to be as convenient as windows and open to users at the same time. I hope that Linux developers can give up the unnecessary complex Linux is an expert-specific operating system. This complex will eventually hurt the development of Linux. After all, things are intended for use, instead of playing, users are more common people, and they only want to choose one more operating system. Therefore, convenience, simplicity, and stability are the top priority.
You think you are a top supporter of Linux, but you do not know Linux in your language. You evaluate Linux based on your windows thinking,
Linux is neither windows nor windows. The starting points of the two are different. Windows is encapsulated
Many things shield many underlying platforms from targeting non-professional users. * Nix maintains an open and customizable environment at the cost of being unable (or
It is difficult) to maintain consistency like Windows, the advantage is flexible and powerful, but users who are used to Windows do not feel this, because
I need to learn a lot of things. This is something that I should know about computer science, but Windows has always been used to make them think of themselves.
I have learned more about computers. Once Linux is used, it seems that nothing will happen. What is the problem with configuration. Difficult to use.
As everyone knows, the problem lies with themselves.


2. When we came into contact with windows, there was not so much trouble. Just look at it and try it. We were familiar with windows without knowing it. What about Linux, it seems that I have read a lot of information (at least relative to Windows), but I am still wandering outside the door. Why? Is it because we have poor qualifications and are not suitable for Linux?
========================================================== ================
Microsoft's goal decades ago was to allow each desktop to have a PC and each PC to run Microsoft's software. Therefore, Microsoft is positioned
To a large number of non-professional users. That is to say, you do not need to know much about the underlying technical details of the computer when using Windows. Therefore, Windows
Such a system is very strict with the underlying layer, so you don't have to know anything. You just need to learn to click the mouse and use the graphic interface. This is Windows
Locate. However, * nix is applicable to applications with high professional requirements and requires strong customization. Different enterprises may
Customize or even build your own Linux server. Different individuals may customize the Optimal Kernel Based on their own machines to achieve the optimal
Performance. * Nix is suitable for specialized applications. Windows is positioned as a Common Desktop user. The two are fundamentally different. Easy to use
Windows. If you need to build a system more deeply, you may need * nix. This does not mean that Linux is not suitable for the desktop.
Application. Suitable. However, it is intended for users with higher flexibility and more powerful functions. This is not to say that it is absolutely impossible.
Have you used four desktops in windows? Each desktop has 3x3 screens, which can be automatically rolled when the mouse moves to the edge,
There is also a thumbnail for navigation, just like playing a real-time strategic game, browsing your desktop, organizing windows, and using hotkeys for Windows
Port formation, fast switch. This feature is required for development. It enables me to switch to different windows faster, debug, compile, and view documents.
Write documents. Have you ever thought about these features in windows? This is only the basic application of FVWM in Linux. But these are all configured.
. I need to write a configuration file to specify these functions in detail, how to respond to the mouse, the size of the desktop, and so on. This is the price.
I can use Windows directly, but I will never make it fit with my intention. When I need higher customization and higher requirements
I chose Linux. The cost is to learn something. This is just a personal choice. You need to use it easily.
Windows is ready. But do not use its standard to measure Linux.

Dizzy, return to the "Linux is used by professionals" shit. If you follow this standard, it will be installed and Linux will be used as an expert. This expert is too bad.
========================================================== ================
Did anyone say that "Linux is an expert? You don't need to use this sentence to masturbate yourself?
Why do you come to the conclusion that "the installation and use of Linux is an expert" based on "Linux is used by professionals?
If so, you can only say that your logic is really a shit logic.

3. Different users choose Linux for different purposes, some serve as documents, some writers use electrical appliances, and some others access the internet. I really want to spend a lot of time studying how Linux works documents, only a few Linux developers and enthusiasts can access the Internet and achieve multimedia.
The features you need can be fully met in windows. I don't know why you have to look for Linux. If you really want to study it, be humble.
A little. Windows is like a dummies camera. It's very easy to use. Linux is a professional camera that requires professional learning to achieve
Professional results. If you think windows is enough, you just need to make good use of windows. If you do not want to improve
Learn more about Linux. But remember that you are only a student, not a beginner. A person with no focus
I complained on the forum that professional cameras are not as useful as dummies. I also said that only a few professional photographers use advanced functions.
The camera should not be so complicated. It should be as user-friendly and convenient as a dummies camera. Isn't that unreasonable?

4. Linux has many versions, such as Niu Mao. It is said that there are hundreds and thousands of versions around the world. Is this necessary? users only need a stable, efficient, free, and concise Linux, software Developed on each desktop cannot be used on other desktop platforms. This is even worse. Which hardware vendor is willing to develop a driver for each Linux? Finally, it is in the hands of end users, if you cannot find the driver on the motherboard, the driver on the display card, and the driver on the sound card, you must be lucky to find the machine with the full driver. The lsb3.1 released in the past two days has a standard solution for software compatibility. When can I really run a program on any Linux machine?
Any release version, as long as it is Linux, uses the same kernel (at most different versions), so they are called Linux. Hardware driver
Only deal with the kernel. I don't know where you heard that you want to develop a driver for different releases? Do not know to date
Installation is a problem. How many Linux distributions have you used before? What is "the software developed on every desktop cannot be on another desktop platform?
Use "? A user with a little knowledge knows that such a document cannot be understood at all.
In addition, it is a very radical nonsense. Not because of installation failure, your self-esteem is severely frustrated.
Let's talk about the words that are generated by your own subjective imagination on the Internet? I hope you are not. But I think you are.

Most Linux programs are released based on the source code. Because * nix programs work together, unlike windows
To achieve basic component functions, * nix is compact and customizable. If I think the Outlook Express editor is not good
So, can I change it? No. As long as I use Outlook Express, but I can choose to use Emacs, Vim, or other
The editor compiles and writes emails in mutt, and then uses Sendmail to send emails. Which day I think Sendmail is not good enough? I may want to change it to another one.
I can also use the FVWM window manager and the KDE Desktop plus the gnome Task Bar, if I like it. You may not hear
It's okay to understand what I said. I just told you that * nix is highly collaborative with programs. Each component can customize your favorite
Program. The cost is that if a program lacks other necessary component programs, it may not be correctly installed. For example, kdevelop requires
Automake, so you need to have the latter before installing the former. In addition, the program also depends on the system configuration and other information, so a lot
Linux programs are not released in binary format (but not absolutely none !), The most common is source code release. So the installation is not like this
Convenience, but it won't happen if you say "the desktop of this desktop program cannot run. If yes, it is only because the dependency is missing.
Library or program. But this is the price, and the price to get the closeness. In addition, many release versions also provide their own installation package format. If
If you do not want to compile the SDK, you can directly install it using the installation package. Of course, the installation packages of different versions are often in different formats. But you still have the source code.
Is the most basic release method, and almost all programs will have source code release. The installation package is just a convenience, not an attack.
Compatibility. In addition, the executable files generated after source code compilation can be optimized according to the status of your current machine to obtain higher
Performance. This is usually impossible to directly publish such Windows programs in the form of .exe. To put it bluntly, we still sacrifice convenience.
Achieve More powerful flexibility and performance trade-offs. If you are in trouble, you can leave it alone. Windows has
Enough. No one forces you to use Linux, but do not give your finger in your narrow technical vision.

If you don't talk about it, the more you talk about it, the more disappointing it is.
Linux was born not to satisfy your wishes. At least currently, most common users prefer Windows. Set
Just do your job well. The system is just a tool. Suitable for use, not suitable for use. You want to learn. Only yes
Windows users may be experts in other fields, but they are just a toy cainiao in the operating system field. Cainiao needs to move to the bottom layer.
Yes. Welcome. However, not only are you not willing to learn professional tools, but you may comment on them when you encounter some setbacks.
It was incredible and surprising. Even real masters are cautious about this topic. Positioning of Linux and Windows
Can you say this if you are not clear about this basic problem? Just like a person cannot even grasp the central idea of a famous book, just because
Chapter 1 says that the work is "too disappointing. You said you were disappointed, but how much is your words and thoughts worth? Your wish
How much does it cost?

It is not wrong to pursue usability. But this is not the main purpose of Linux, so when there is a conflict, ease of use can only be temporarily retired (said
Now I think Linux is not so difficult to use. I am not an expert, but a common user. But the current sending
The row version is already quite good. I also use Ubuntu 6.06, and the installation is smooth. Software Installation is very convenient, most of the time
I do not need to search for the Internet or compile it myself.) The support for my laptop hardware is also good (the power management is not as good as windows,
But the first thing you need to know about how many hardware manufacturers are writing drivers for Windows and how many Linux drivers are written by a third party or even
Can the driver be used? This is an environment issue, not a Linux issue ). In fact, I think Linux is good enough. Although
Unlike windows, you can complete all configurations with just a few clicks. However, if it is only for general use, it is already relatively close. With the hardware
The continuous improvement of performance, ease of use and desktop performance are believed to be better, and even comparable to windows is not impossible. As for the current,
I have to say that your machine is really not suitable for Linux installation (do not tell me that 386 can run Linux.
Linux ). At least I don't think any of the current releases should be installed. You have to load the character-only interface. And in terms of your current way of thinking,
I think you are more suitable for Windows. If Windows is good, why bother me? Windows is not necessarily a cainiao.
Linux is not necessarily an expert. To become a master, you must first know what you want to do, what you do, and what you do.

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