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WordPress is one of the world's most famous free blog publishing platforms, and has always ranked first in the use of independent blog systems. WordPress is based on the PHP + MySQL architecture and is a free open-source software. almost all virtual hosts in the world support this architecture, which is easy to build. WordPress is an easy-to-install independent blog

  WordPressIt is one of the most famous free blog publishing platforms in the world, ranking first in the use of independent blog systems. WordPress is based on the PHP + MySQL architecture and is a free open-source software. almost all virtual hosts in the world support this architecture, which is easy to build.

  WordPressIt is an independent blog system that is easy to install. it is called "5-minute installation". that is to say, it takes only five minutes to install WordPress in most environments. The installation process is as follows:

I. Installation

1. download the installation package

2. Upload files

Use the FTP software to upload all the locally decompressed WordPress files to the server.

3. create a database

Use phpMyAdmin in MySQL or another user to create a MySQL database, which is used to save WordPress data.

4. run the installer

The first time you run the uploaded file, the WordPress system will check whether there is a wp-config.php under the root directory, if there is no, will automatically go to the installation interface, the installation of some necessary information, for example, the blog name, email address, database name, database username, and password. follow the system prompts to go down the last step of installation, you can get your Wordpress user name and password. of course, the system will automatically send the user name and password to your inbox.

5. log on and use

Now that the installation is complete, you can use the password provided by the system to log on to the system background and manage the blog system. After logging in, you can change your password to your favorite one.

II. use

If the installation is in the Chinese versionWordPressAfter logging on to the background, you will see a very concise menu, including: Write, Manage, Comments, Blogroll, and Presentation) plug-ins, Users, and Options ).

If the Chinese language pack is installed, the interface should be all Chinese, you can publish articles, edit and modify articles, delete comments, add links, select a theme template, activate plug-ins, modify user passwords, and set blog options.

3. personalization

Even if you do not understand programming or webpage design, you can easily implement various personalized blog interfaces through WordPress to implement different personalized functions, this is mainly achieved through themes and plug-ins.

1. Presentation)

The WordPress topic is an extension of the display effect on the Wordpress interface. The topic is stored in the themes directory of WordPress. different themes can be used to implement different interfaces. in the topic menu, select your favorite interface, and the entire blog interface will change to this new topic, the WordPress system comes with a small number of themes, only four, but we can go to the WordPress theme website http://themes.wordpress.net to find your favorite theme, WordPress has thousands of themes for everyone to choose from. By using WordPress themes, WordPress can become a beautiful and personalized platform.

2. plug-ins)

The WordPress plug-in is an extension of the Wordpress application function. The plug-ins are placed under the WordPress plugins directory. WordPress plug-ins are also thousands and can complete a variety of different functions. you can say that almost all the functions you want have available plug-ins to download and access the plug-ins. By using the WordPress plug-in, WordPress becomes a highly personalized and powerful content management tool.

IV. Summary

In general,WordPressIs a very powerful mainstream independent blog platform that can complete almost all the features you want, a variety of third-party resources and applications are very rich, many famous bloggers at home and abroad are currently using the WordPress system.

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