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The most popular is WordPress, which is much more popular than other applications. the bottom is ZendFramework.

Tibench Index (world ranking Index of programming languages) is a ranking that shows the relative trends of various programming languages. it was updated every month in 2001. It counts the search results of many sites to get statistics. These sites include Google, Blogger, Wikipedia, YouTube, Baidu, Yahoo, Bing, and Amazon.

PHP ranks top in tibench, but recently it ranks top in tibench. in 2012, it was 7th, and now it is 5th. This may be attributed to the release of Zend Framework 2 at the end of last year, but there is no basis.

As a result, the author began to explore why the ranking curve of PHP on tibench suddenly rose. Is it because of the official framework release? His conclusion is as follows.

I. WordPress is the most popular PHP application

The author uses Google Trends to compare the Trends of several keywords: WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Magento, and Zend Framework. Their trend charts are shown on the cover.
Introduce them. WordPress is an open-source blog program, Joomla and Drupal are both open-source content management and publishing systems, and Magento is an open-source e-commerce program (domestic e-commerce seems to have turned it into a selling service ), zend Framework is an open-source PHP Framework.
The most popular is WordPress, which is more popular than other applications. the bottom is the Zend Framework.
In fact, these keywords are the most popular words about PHP. I think it is also appropriate to select these words. You can select one framework as the representative, but the popularity of applications varies greatly. I also added PHP to these words and found that WordPress is almost as popular as PHP. Therefore, it is no problem to describe WordPress using the "most popular PHP application.

2. WordPress itself is more popular than any PHP Framework

This conclusion details the first conclusion. Don't think you just chose one framework for comparison. In fact, all the frameworks are almost that order of magnitude.

III. WordPress does not use a third-party framework

To supplement the second conclusion...

4. applications make Technology popular, not frameworks

The Magento E-commerce application mentioned in the trend chart is developed based on the Zend Framework, but it is more popular than the Framework. The reason why the application becomes popular is not because of the framework it uses, but because it solves the actual problems of users.
WordPress is also useful to many people. When people want to install a WordPress, they will know the PHP technology and they need to support the PHP virtual host space. This prompted the popularity of PHP.

V. scalable WordPress plug-in ecosystem

One of the most important reasons for WordPress's popularity is its plug-in system. Plug-ins can do almost anything. they make WordPress a platform, not just an application.

6. many non-programmers started to develop PHP because of WordPress.

Many WordPress users are not programmers, but because they cannot find the appropriate plug-ins and themes, they start to develop these needs on their own.

VII. pragmatism is better than idealism

Software projects are technically beautiful, consistent, follow good project plans, and praise the design model.
But the above is really not as important as you think. Many applications are created based on a very practical feeling. they focus only on solving the needs of the real world.
Relatively speaking, many PHP frameworks seem to be developed from another planet. They are often developed by idealistic people and focus more on design patterns.

My summary:

The author proved his point of view with conclusive evidence. And I also see some notes:

1. focus too much on technology. In development jobs, it is necessary to focus on technology. However, when you create a product, you should focus on solving real-world problems.
2. the framework helps common developers develop applications more easily and quickly based on the framework. Compared with applications, the number of users must be several orders of magnitude smaller.
3. it may be very promising to provide solutions or services for a popular application. Of course, developing applications to solve real-world problems has a more promising future.

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