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Wordpress topic creation structure file, wordpress topic structure. Wordpress topic creation structure file. below the wordpress topic structure is the WordPress topic file hierarchy, which tells you: when WordPress displays a specific page type, which mode is used to create a structure file and a wordpress topic structure?

The following is the WordPress topic file hierarchy, which template file will be used when WordPress displays a specific page type? Only by understanding the following theme hierarchies can you know what files are required for your WordPress theme.

What is the following file hierarchy?

Take the home page as an example. the following two files are home. php and index. php. the WordPress program will search for these two files from your topic folder in sequence:

Home Page

Article page:

PageCategoryTagAuthorDate pageSearch Results404 (not found) pageAttachment page

For more information, see WordPress official documentation: http://codex.wordpress.org/Template_Hierarchy

How to create a WordPress topic (1): Basic preparation

So we came up with the idea of modifying the existing topic or creating a new topic from the ground up. but the problem arises again. how can we make it? Coding is required for topic creation. many netizens have never been familiar with programming, and most people are very familiar with the code. The following is a series of basic tutorials on WordPress topic production. we will teach you how to create a complete WordPress topic from start to end, hoping to help you. However, my skills are limited. this series of tutorials only give you a preliminary understanding of the theme creation process, and won't allow you to fully grasp the essence of the WordPress theme. This series of tutorials is suitable for the following users: friends who know a little bit about HTML and CSS but do not know how to write PHP code; those who write simple HTML code by themselves will design the webpage interface, if you want to know how to create a WordPress topic and learn a little about simple image processing in PHOTOSHOP or FIREWORKS, this series of tutorials is not suitable for the following users: do not plan to write code, I don't want to follow this tutorial step by step. I just want to see if my friends who don't have any web design knowledge are very familiar with the WordPress theme creation process. I don't have to read this series of tutorials, you will learn about the general steps to create a WordPress theme and how to modify a WordPress theme and how to create a theme using the extended theme feature. the following tools must be provided: the WordPress local running environment (or online website space) has been installed with WordPress. it is equipped with various browsers, internet Explorer, Sogou, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome,  is used to test whether the webpage is displayed normally, because you do not know which browser is used to view your webpage; A text editor is used to write code, such as Dreamweaver and UltraEdit. We do not recommend using Notepad. for details, refer to "reasons for writing webpage code without notepad". image processing software: list of the entire process of creating a PhotoShop or FireworksWordPress topic: how to create a WordPress topic (2): The topic File structure

What is the use of this file in the wordpress topic file package?

The style file is not required in the topic and may be related to topic development.

The following is the WordPress topic File Hierarchy. it tells you which mode is used when WordPress displays a specific page type...

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