Four Linux operating systems there's always one for you

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Distribution and desktop

The desktop options for distributions are one of the main ways to attract you to become their users.

You might ask, "Wait a minute, you mean the desktop option?" Yes, Linux offers a variety of desktop environments, or shells called graphics classes, which are "cool" to extremely clean and minimalist. Unlike those operating systems that normally only provide a single graphical shell (if not the only option), Linux allows you to install one or more different options to suit your tastes.

Almost all desktop-centric distributions use this as their "flagship" option, and some of them are configured to look and feel similar to other operating systems. If you have used one of these Linux, it will be very easy and convenient for you to learn basic kernel upgrades and command line parameters to achieve your goals when you switch to another version.

Options for the desktop

While this article focuses on which Linux desktop you should choose to use out-of-the-box, you will likely install them manually on other Linux operating system distributions. As long as you like, you can load any component onto your system. For example: A minimal window manager for playing games, a medium-complexity desktop for production environments, and a specially crafted flash collection for you to use while surfing the web.

Below, we'll show you some examples of Linux distributions that are "out of the box" and include some knowledge points on how to make them look more like they are based on an existing Ubuntu installation. (Hint: For other distributions, you can start by looking for the topic name in the App Store or package manager).

One, convert from Windows 10

Out-of-the-box release: Zorin OS 12

Zorinos is a desktop release that focuses on enterprise productivity. It provides a powerful set of out-of-the-Box business class applications and provides advanced business support. To make its components familiar to various enterprise users, the Zorin OS 12 default desktop layout mimics the WINDOWS10.

The toolbar at the bottom of the Zorin OS 12 screen also mimics the latest version of Windows, laying out icons for various applications in the Start menu.

Windows theme options for existing desktops

If you have installed a Linux, but lack the appearance of "Metro" (or "Neon", or any other code that Microsoft uses this week), then please focus on the following topics for your beloved desktop:

    • If it's KDE, try the k10ne theme, which looks like Windows 10.

    • If it's a GTK-based desktop (such as unity, Cinnamon, mate, etc.), then "Windows 10 Conversion Package" is all you need, it also includes a handy installation script.

Second, convert from MacOS.

Out-of-the-box release: Elementary OS

elementary OS developers have written their own environment, known as the "Pantheon", which can take full control of the perception. They created a theme (especially icon sets and window boundaries) to make it a home away from the Mac, not to mention the dock bar in the center of the bottom of the desktop. The names of the various applications are also given here, which will help new users to easily identify them (for example, the display name is "mail" instead of something called "Geary").

MacOS Theme options for existing desktops

Like most computer layouts, you can create and place the launcher/dock of your application just at the center of the screen, and place a small toolbar at the top of the screen. But if you really want to evoke the "Mac feel", follow these topics:

    • In the case of KDE, the Mac os X Yosemite theme never hides its style of emulating Apple's operating system.

    • If it's a GTK-based desktop, the Macbuntu conversion package has a variety of versions that accurately return to the Apple interface.

Third, switch from Chrome OS.

Out-of-the-box release: Cub Linux

Since Chrome OS is built on a Linux base, getting started with Linux can only be a quick "upgrade". The release of Cub Linux is designed to provide a mirror-to-Chrome OS experience that places the transparent task manager at the bottom of the screen.

Out-of-the-box release: Gallium OS

If you want to completely replace the chrome Os,gallium OS installed on your Chromebook, it's worth considering. Its interface is also very similar on Chromebook, including an icon-based app launcher and a "search style" Application Launcher.

Iv. conversion from the Amiga: Icaros Desktop

The Icaros desktop differs from each of these desktops in that it is not even a theme or a desktop environment. It's an operating system, and when you download its ISO file, you can burn it to a DVD or USB drive and use it to start your PC. However, it can also provide a "Linux host" mode, you can install the desktop shell on the existing Linux machine. Let's take a look at this option later.

Here are two tips for using Icaros desktops to draw your attention:

    • Most importantly: The Icaros runs on 32-bit systems, rather than the 64-bit machines that are now ubiquitous. This means that it is a good choice for older hardware. But it also means you need to look for a 32-bit copy of your beloved Linux distribution.

    • In fact, the desktop is isolated from your Linux system (no different from the fs-uae that installed the workbench). It runs in a separate window (as shown), it launches its own kernel and drivers. So you also need to set aside the memory for it. You can think of it as a standalone small virtual machine.

Installing the Icaros Desktop

Once you have unpacked its ISO file, you can use a terminal to open it and run the installation script inside. Please disregard those newline characters "/n", although it will reduce the likelihood of errors during operation.

Then, depending on the information in the end of the setup program, run the bootstrap program to start the Icaros desktop:

At the first run, Icaros will provide you with some options.

Finally, it will unpack and install some additional programs. You will be prompted to choose a default installation, a full installation, or manually select the installation package.

After that, you finally arrive at the Icaros desktop environment. The move is that the developer directly mounts your home directory to the desktop, so you can access all of your files right away.

While you can't run Amiga and Linux applications in parallel, you can still make them "collaborate" because Icaros can access the files in your host Linux. Of course, you may have forgotten that and just went to play the game.

Blending and matching

All that is provided to you is a familiar and unified experience that is reflected in the perception by mimicking the "other" operating system. But don't forget that one of the great things about Linux is that you have the ability to pick some of the elements you like (except for Icaros) and to build Your Own "Frankenstein" (A Piece of science geek) desktop!

Please pick up an Ubuntu to install, add Elementary icon themes from their PPA, mix windows style and wallpaper with Windows 10 conversion package, and then change your desktop to mimic the layout of the Gallium OS. It's all up to you!

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Four Linux operating systems always have one for you

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