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Thanks to carlos's friend for reminding me that he introduced Galaxium Messenger, An MSN client. So I tried Galaxium and found that it is indeed a client with excellent compatibility, beautiful interface and powerful. I will introduce it to you here.

Galaxium is a multi-protocol-compatible IM communication tool developed based on GTK #. It is currently under development and only supports the MSN protocol. However, the availability is very good.

Currently, the latest version is For installation instructions for Ubuntu, OpenSUSE, Fedora, and ArchLinux users, refer to the following:Repositories

Next we will focus on my trial experience.

Logon dialog box

Currently, only Microsoft Network is supported. If multiple protocols are supported in the future, it will directly compete with Pidgin.

Dialog box after Logon

Similar to other IM software, there are also differences.

The status bar is directly arranged under the name, and you can create a new session and close the current session at the bottom.

Double-click the Avatar to change the Avatar.

It is worth noting that Galaxium seems to have native support for the MSN protocol! After my first login, I synchronized the signature and Avatar I used in Windows Live Messenger under Windows!

Chat dialog box

The following is a chat dialog box with a distinctive layout.

The above is an invitation to contact, send a flash screen and send a file. The sending pop-up screen has the same effect as WLM, and the window will shake up.

Supports sending files. Several files have been successfully transferred.

Galaxium's biggest feature is that because WebKit is introduced to directly support the message display topic of the famous chat tool under AdiumMac OS X, the conversation text can be displayed beautifully.

Please check it out. However, WebKit Chinese characters are not configured, so you have to chat with your friends in English.

Supplement: For Ubuntu users, you only need to edit:/etc/fonts/conf. avail/69-language-selector-zh-cn.conf and add WenQuanYi Zen Hei to the previous line to support Chinese characters.

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