git and github config and upload files to GitHub address

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1. After installing GIT, we configure the GIT secret key and first enter the following command:

2. Follow the above operation and return to the key. : A secret key is generated,

For example, the secret key is:

3. We open a registered GitHub address. Locate the SSH option and add the secret key to the new SSH key.

4.git Mailbox Configuration User name: User.Name

5.git Mailbox Configuration Email Account:

6.github Create a new project

7. Create a successful page.

8.git initialize the repository using GIT init to initialize the GIT repository

9. Create a file with the VI command

10. Add files to staging area. The git Add. Git directory already has the Readme.txt file.

11. Commit to Git repository git commit-m ' comment content '

12. Submit the code to GitHub.

13. The command to submit to GitHub's remote address is: Git push-u origin Master

If present, indicates successful submission:

We refresh GitHub's newly created warehouse page to see how the page changes:

Our files have been submitted to the GitHub server ...

Not to be continued,,,,,

git and github config and upload files to GitHub address

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