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One: Download GitHub II: Install GitHub

Click after download

The installation process will have two icons on the desktop after installation, such as

Three: New project

GitHub is a graphical interface mode, and Git Shell is a command-line mode that we use GitHub for code management under Windows systems.
1: Open GitHub GUI, enter username password or register new account, such as:

2: New Project after Login

In the top left corner, click

Create a new project as shown in:

After new, as shown:

Looking for the path you just selected on your computer, you will find a new "Temp" folder under that path, as shown in:

Click on the top right corner of the software

Fill in the item description as shown:

Next click on the top right corner

Expand and then click

View the project details in the browser, as shown in:

3: In the computer, add a blank document under the Temp folder "test. doc" as shown in:

Next Open the GitHub program, you will find the interface changes, then follow the prompts to fill in the content, and then click

Submit, as shown:

After submission as shown, then click on the upper right corner

To synchronize

After synchronization is viewed in the browser, the number of times the item has been submitted has become "2", as shown in:


You can view the previous version as shown in:

Four: Modify the project

In the computer, modify the previously created blank document "test. doc" as shown in:

Once you have modified the save, commit the synchronization again in the software, as shown in the following:

After synchronizing and then viewing in the browser, the number of submissions has been changed to 3 times, then you can download the second and third submitted documents separately, you can compare the content of our changes. Five: Delete items

To delete unwanted items, click on the lower right

Go to the Delete page and click on the bottom of the page

Pop-up the Delete box, then fill in the name of the deleted item and click

To delete, as shown in:

Six: Ending Whispers

GitHub for Windows simplifies some concepts and operations, and almost all of the main operations are done through a graphical interface that basically completes everyday writing. These major simplifications include the following:

1. Simplify push to remote repository as a sync button
2. Submit to the local warehouse simplified to add comments only to some column modifications
More, it also includes the establishment and management of branches, this part to explore it yourself, in short, GitHub for Windows is really a very good tool.

GitHub is a very powerful feature, but it's a bit difficult for novices to use, and this article just demonstrates simple usage, and then, if you have time to talk about GitHub's usage in detail.

Reprint Please specify: Love to share? The English-language GitHub client uses the Action Flowchart Text Guide tutorial now no Chinese version
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Basic features of GitHub:

    • Repository: You and I do "know the Home", "know the Home" is Repository, that is, the project or "The Future weapons T2 class 425mm magnetic track gun" and so on, how to call you, you just know Repository is a place to put the project on the line. Sometimes there will be repositories, is the meaning of multiple repository.
    • Fork: We make "know the home" work separately, you are responsible for the art, I am responsible for the front-end development, but we also need data server master. You got a PHP Daniel, this Daniel quickly took care of the server side, idle to Nothing, looked at my front-end code, a look, "I am, how can this not be semantically?" All is the exclusively <div> ah, in the future do interactive JS also do not engage in dom ... "so this Daniel found in the repository I wrote" zhi.html ", fork a copy, that is, authorized copy.
    • After Branch:fork, in Daniel's GitHub appeared a similarly called "Know the Home" repository, but this repository is a replica, only to him, this is his Branch, that is, branch.
    • Pull request: Daniel has finished a brand new high-end zhi.html, which points to push request. I accepted, glanced at it, suddenly surprised at the table, "Chinese football-high, is really high!" ”
    • Now you understand that GitHub's structure is repository-branch-(get/push) files. You also find that GitHub can compare the similarities and differences of two files, the new ones are marked with green, and the deleted ones are marked in red. Pull request can also be controlled, even can merge branch, this is the team cooperation weapon Ah, really is tall also, preface it? Do you have a heartbeat?
  1. Please sign up for GitHub and log in.
  2. Download the client and log in, the client is responsible for the data on your hard drive interacting with GitHub server data, and then set up the storage directory. In order to show your talent, you decide to name this directory "the father of the gods."
  3. Since there are so many foreign open-source projects, we have no autonomy in the domestic truth. It's important to practice this awesome fork feature. Now you've come to Fadeoc/frontend. GitHub, you see this is a user fadeoc called "frontend" repository, you laughed, this guy learning front-end knowledge but 10 days, code a piece of slag, unexpectedly some code only wrote "Potatoes" and "two dog son" several Chinese characters. You click on the fork in the upper right corner, then clone in desktop, save to "father of the Gods", wow! The file is already in your computer, absolutely FREE! +10086!
  4. One hours later, you have a FADEOC of the slag code, decided to help him improve, or else he will be finished the project. After you have changed, pull Request, this ah unexpectedly said your code is too slag, do not absorb. You are a bastard! I do it myself, rob you of market share!
  5. You click on the upper right corner of your own avatar behind the + number, chose the first new repository, that is, the new repository, and a name, called "FADEOC", and then click on the green button set up in the desktop, pop-up Save box, select "The Father of the gods." So the "father of the Gods" appeared under a "FADEOC" folder.
  6. You wrote your own "home page. html" and placed it under the "FADEOC" folder.
  7. You open the client, see the client interface in the master Branch (host branch, the name is too cloud) there has been a uncommitted changes, that is, the uncommitted changes, that is, you just wrote "God Dad home. Html." You open the Show button, add "Roll your Ya Fadeoc" in the summary section, in the description (detail description) position is not necessary to write, but you still decided to add "pop your chrysanthemum" four characters. Then select "Commit to your user name".
  8. In order to upload this submission to GitHub let the FADEOC see, you click on the client in the upper right corner shows a "+1" of the sync, that is, after a few seconds, sync before the two curve arrow stop rotation, synchronization succeeded, "+1" disappeared, indicating a successful upload of a file.
  9. You come to GitHub, refresh your personal page, "FADEOC" This repository appears on the page, tap it, and inside you see "God Daddy home. html".
  10. To make the initial purpose of this project more straightforward, you decide to add a Readme.txt, although there is always a Readme.txt in the folder of N-Multiple software that you downloaded previously, you haven't opened one. But in the circle mixed, you have to mix the stinking, so you in the "FADEOC" under a new Readme.txt, it wrote, "FADEOC, yes, that is you, look at my mouth, you a cheap!" ”
  11. Also use client commit, then sync, after a few seconds, refresh GitHub, you see another readme.txt. And in the following more than a text display box, which shows the content inside the Readme.txt "FADEOC, yes, that is you, look at my mouth, you a cheap!" "To avoid the awkward situation where the FADEOC don't want to open Readme.txt and don't see your cordial greetings. GitHub is so sweet.
  12. You copied this repository address and emailed it to FADEOC.
  13. FADEOC is not so easy to be defeated, so he fork your repository, modify the Readme.txt, and then pull request, you see FADEOC New Generation Branch under the Readme.txt was changed to "you are the scum." You rejected the merge request.
  14. FADEOC again pull request,readme.txt changed to "Dare not do evil?" ”
  15. You are a little bored, how can this fucking not let him pull request, in the future big item n Many strangers rookie pull request is annoying, can not be open source, turn private? You finally found GitHub's upgrade service, and you laughed and turned the repository from public to private. FADEOC will continue to pull request, without your response, he will only gradually be the wrath of revenge of the fire to make sense, but, who cares?
GitHub has more details, and in the process of using it, you'll slowly discover it and learn it slowly. But anyway, now you're going to use the basic features of GitHub.

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you personally use Git, the basic concepts involved are just a few

Don't worry about GitHub, it records every version you commit and puts it in a repository (Repository), and every commit change is a commit, and you can fall back to any version at any time.

may also be derived from B1, B2 and C1, C2, in GitHub Branch (Branches) can record the differentiation process of this scheme.

Later you think the B1 and C2 scenarios have a desirable place, you can combine them to output the final manuscript, Git of course also support this branch merge (merged)

Multiplayer synergy, which is where git is really powerful

Everyone has a copy of the computer, and when needed to synchronize with the cloud server, Git is the use of such a so-called distributed system. The benefits are more secure and more convenient.

Open source projects are visible to anyone, you can fork a project, which is equivalent to a new branch from the original project under your account, you can change on this basis, if you have the results you wish to submit to the original author, you can send a merge application to the original library (pull request), The original author can see the notification and decide whether to merge. In this way, you can make an open source project even better.

Git is a version control tool, and GitHub is a project hosting platform that uses Git as a version control. "This is a bit like the relationship between WordPress and, the former is a free blog system with any can use, the latter is a platform, on this platform you can register to directly use WordPress to write a blog (domestic not

    Step three: Modify the file

    Can see designers-learn-git this warehouse only two files "" (Project description) and "roster. txt", here we just try to modify the latter (the same reason and modify a lot of files of the warehouse is the same). Can be directly online modification, you can also clone to the local and then modify, for more complex projects is definitely to take the latter, but here we can first look at the page directly modify how to operate.

    Online modification : Directly on the page "roster. txt" name, enter the following details page, and then click "Edit".

    The task here is to write your ID and tiitle on the roster, and the intention is to have an interaction with the students who are learning this tutorial, and see how you can get to the first few.

    When the edit page is finished, scroll to the bottom of the page and click the green "Commit changes" button to confirm the submission.

    Local modification : Another way is to clone the project to the local and then modify, open the client (here is the latest version of the Mac), click on the upper right corner of the "+" sign, switch to "clone", find "Designers-learn-git" and click on the bottom right "clone Repository "button.

    Then find the cloned folder locally, open "roster. txt", Edit and save. Then switch to the GitHub app window and you'll see that it has detected and listed your changes on the "Changes" page, then click the Commit & Sync button to commit the changes and sync to GitHub. Note that the commit and sync is two actions, you need to activate the green button first, these two actions will be executed at the same time, otherwise you will need to click on the entire interface in the upper right corner of the sync (for multiple changes after the unified submission).

        Fourth step: Apply for merger

        After confirming that the warehouse you have already forked has been successfully modified, you can submit a merge request to merge your version into the original project, which is the designers-learn-git I created, in the following steps:

        Open your fork's designers-learn-git page on the webpage and click on this striking green button

        Then click on the "Create Pull Request" button to submit the application, I will be notified when you are done, and merge your additions into the original library.

        Note that the red Spot shows the two branches to be merged, because there is no new branch, the default display of the two libraries are the only master Main branch, you can try to create a new branch, and select other branches to apply for the merge, experience the branch of GitHub, this article as an introductory tutorial here to not repeat the first, Students who have problems can contact me. GitHub uses expansion-it can do much more than that! Version management, collaborative development and design, this is just the most basic use of GitHub, in fact, using the GIT system, can achieve a lot of other things.

          Collaborate with GitHub on translation

          Apple's release of Swift language, known as easier to get started, so many designers are eager. At the same time the official published (translated into Chinese) up to 300 pages of the Official Handbook, and a self-organized team in China, more than 30 people with 9 days to complete the translation and proofreading work, they each have their own things, work, on-line, start-up, But with GitHub they have done this feat in such a short period of time in their spare time. Their slogan is "This time, let China and the world in sync"

          Click here to see their projects and translation results.

            Write a book with GitHub

            Speaking of the previous example, you have to mention Gitbook, a tool that combines GitHub and markdown to create beautiful online readings. You can work on your own or with anyone, write an online book, and sell it, when a writer is no longer just a dream.

GitHub Quick Start tutorials and building a personal blog site

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