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Referring to the tool-type site, we will first of all have a question: Thousands of web site sentient beings, what kind of site is a tool-type site? What is its characteristics, and what is different from other sites? Search for relevant information from the Internet, there is no specific explanation of the term.

In order to facilitate the follow-up study, this first combined with the results of the study before the students, comprehensive collation, to provide a definition version of the tool-type site for reference:

--the so-called tool-type Web site, as the name implies is built on the Internet tools, is to help people to achieve a specific area of the target needs and provide a certain operating process, to complete the task as the main goal, web-based application tools.

Its main features are:

– For the purpose of accomplishing one or more tasks

-Focus on operational process guidance

– Emphasize fast completion of tasks

– The only way to achieve this goal is to help users achieve it more efficiently

At the same time, many tool-oriented Web sites are also specially equipped with a separate portal, which is focused on information presentation, dedicated to the value of tools, dynamic, etc., and provides login or download portal. Because of the high integration of this portal with the tool page, we also generalize it to the category of tool-type web site, called the tool portal (or the homepage of the tool website).

In order to help us to form a more intuitive concept of the tool-type site, you can differentiate the site into content-oriented and tool-oriented sites based on site functionality. On the comparison between the tool-type website and the content-type website, some students have made a detailed exposition (if you want to know more about the relevant articles), do not repeat them here.

Typical tool sites are: Google series (search, translation, documents, reader ...), Tenpay, Alipay, Data Cube, Salesforce, Xero, TA, dnspod, etc.

Typical content-oriented Web sites are: Sina, Tencent Network, Tianya forum and so on.

From the experience point of view, I would like to introduce a few typical examples of tool-type websites.

google--is the king of the same system

Tool-type site, the most widely used should be we are very familiar with the Google series of products, such as Google search, translation, documentation, and so on, most of the Google search after the introduction of new tools. These tools have greatly facilitated Internet life for netizens.

Expecting so many product lines, it is easy to create different visual styles because of the difference in function attributes. But we see Google in the multiple product system under the visual style, regardless of navigation bar, color system, basic layout structure and so on are very unified, such as all background layer is black and white gray system, all new features are eye-catching red button, all function menu is left.

This kind of consistency greatly reduces the user to the new product cognition, the study cost, achieves the ripe realm ~ manifests the Google Experience team in the brand image and the experience standard strong formulation, the execution ability ~

xero--small and fresh, but very practical.

The following Xero, is a typical small fresh, I love it, from its simplicity and not simple, beautiful but not noisy, very consistent with the site's functional positioning.

Xero is a fully functional accounting tool for small businesses, with output including cash books, General Ledger, invoices and reports. As an accounting tool site, users are most concerned about the demands of course is safe, accurate, so Xero very keen in the portal and product pages in the unified use of the brightness of Blue + green to express, at the same time with the map, the structure of horizontal vertical, well-organized, will be safe, reliable atmosphere to create to the extreme.

In the information display, Xero portal has the typical characteristics of web2.0, such as a large number of white, size and font of the contrast application, and in the product page, the control element vision as much as possible subtraction, for example, the table does not vertical wireframe, chart figure color uniformity, button texture simplification and unification, All the clickable text including the general chain of the first page of the list signed all the unified blue, and so on, do these purposes, is to allow a large number of text data information is not redundant details of interference, so that the theme at a glance, to help users in a clean, comfortable environment to quickly complete the task.

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