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"I finally want to go, along the path of a gap I drew in my heart. God knows where I will go. This road is too slim to surprise me. I used to envy a wandering life and desire to go abroad. However, when I want to become a fact, I want to live a peaceful life again ." Reide 10 years-Ji Yulin
When I read this section, I suddenly remembered the last night when I went abroad more than eight years ago. I clearly remembered that I was lying in bed and asked my cousin that I had been tossing for so long. Now I really want to leave, suddenly began to hesitate, slowly long road is about to begin, a new chapter of life, the road is about to go, I do not know. Since I learned that I could go to Germany at my own expense a year ago, I went to the library to check German university materials, attended German cram schools in the evening, and the university courses were almost shelved, and later I was out of school. In the meantime, due to policy changes, it was planned to go out six months later, and the result was delayed until the second year of March.
At this time, the lunar calendar is still in the middle of lunar January, just after the end of the year, the excitement is complete, and in a twinkling of an eye, it is the day of departure. On this day, I really started to think about whether this choice is correct. This is the first time that I realized that the past year was very prosperous and impulsive. Because the college entrance examination scores are not high enough to enter the ideal university, but not the ideal major, after realizing that it is almost impossible to transfer to a major, I heard that I can go to a better University in Germany at my own expense and choose my own major, it is free of charge and does not need to connect to German. You can first read German for one year and then study major. After a simple consideration, I made up my mind to go out. My parents suggested that I could not, so I had to pay the money at the intermediary and reported it.
Going abroad, not only left relatives and friends in China, but also gave up the University in exchange for ten years of cold windows. Although And quarter When Mr. went abroad for nearly 70 years, he felt very similar. On the last night, I suddenly felt that my life in China was wonderful, I was familiar with the land, my loved ones and friends, and I had a peaceful life, from the perspective of economics, all these resources were originally free of charge, but now they have become scarce, making people look forward to it.
Cousin is a simple and straightforward person. He told me that since we have been preparing for it for so long, we should go out and try again. Although we don't know whether the road is smooth or not, however, it must be worth a try. If you don't go, you will regret it later. I think so. If you choose to back down here, you will regret it later. It is better to consider this as a new starting point in life regardless of the future.
So I came to Germany.

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