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Gopherchina Conference will be held in 4.15-4.16 in Shanghai, small South Garden Hotel, Gopherchina conference is the largest and most professional go conference, gathered all over the country gopher together to share exchanges, the General Assembly hope that through the exchange of the line, the sharing of lecturers, So that you can understand the current go dynamic, application scenarios, technical details and so on.

Before the meeting, we have a written interview with Sun Jianbo, a senior engineer of the one or seven cow cloud big data development, the lecturer of this Conference.

1, first introduce yourself.

I am a big data development engineer from seven cattle, and I am involved in the architecture design and development of the whole link multi-module of the seven bull Big Data platform, including streaming service, time series database service and log retrieval service. prior to this, major research and participation in Cloudfoundry, Kubern etes, Docker the container and container cloud related work, is "Docker container and container cloud" one of the main authors of the book.

golang The origin of the . What is the reason for deciding to try gola ng  GOLANG  there is nothing surprising, and what kind of small deficiencies, This deficiency is gola ng has been updated to 1.8 has the version been improved?

I began to study and learn to use the PaaS Cloud platform from year one, when I saw that CLoudfoundry began to reconstruct the whole Golang with the original The realization of R Uby has a great interest in Golang . Later, more and more cloud computing projects were used in Golang,I also read some open source projects (etcd\kubernetes\docker , etc. )for study and research, and were Golang Simple Service The real style attracts and becomes the loyal user of Golang .

The first big project I realized with Golang was my graduation design,an automated deployment and monitoring platform. At that time, Golang used to feel very convenient., what function basically can learn from the Open source project,Dozens of lines of code can quickly build a rest server. The drawback is that the relevant library functions ( both standard and third- Party) are still too small, performance is GC or too slow, There may also be a lack of a more classic and useful IDEfor getting started. Until now,Basically, these big problems are gone.

3. Since the birth of the year, thego language has dominated the cloud computing, as the most professional go language experts, you think this is because of its elegant characteristics? Golang What kind of improvement and breakthrough will there be in the future?

in my opinion, the biggest feature of Golang is simplicity and pragmatism,This simple contains a lot of content, such as the interface (interface) settings, so long as the corresponding method is implemented, it can be called as the interface of that type.remove Complex object inheritance relationships, such as goroutine and chaNnel 's design, it's hard to find a language like Golang So natural and light easy to support concurrent programming, for example, the code package reference method, through go get You can almost accessible and use any third-party library ; This simple also includes getting started quickly, an engineer on Golang 0 Basic alsocan understand Golang code at a glance. pragmatism means that he does not offer a whole bunch of gaudy packages,but it is willing to provide the greatest convenience for engineering, such as unified code formatting,testing gadgets and so on. There is also the biggest promise that Golang officially offers,1. the 0 is always forward compatible, guaranteeing the maintainability of the engineering code.

I think Golang 's focus is not just on cloud computing, but in addition to making a bigger performance boost, you'll definitely be building Web projects, Building Mobile / desktop applications, and many more.

4. Have you ever been concerned about the Gopher China Conference, what is the impression of the General Assembly's style and content?

have been concerned about GopherChina, style and Golang as pragmatic, every time there are Go team speakers, dry a lot, What's more, we have seven cows each time is one of the organizers, haha.

5. As lecturers and attendees, what are the expectations for this year's Gopher China Conference?

Basically every topic is very interested, the most interested is "Understanding Go Interfaces", said to tell you about interface Real Best practice, I'm a little impatient to know.

In fact, my topic to everyone prepared a lot of dry goods, I am very much looking forward to, haha.

6, now many enterprise projects are ready to go, for these projects in charge of any advice and experience to share?

In the previous year, it was a surprise to discover that Cloudfoundry began to completely abandon Ruby and reconstruct all the project code with Golang , standing From now on , it is wise to go to go naturally.

On the other hand, there is no need to worry about Golang hiring, from the Golang of the ease of Use , to find an intern can quickly integrate into the project development.

But it is better to be wary of using Java 's thinking to write Golang code, accidentally put Golang write special heavy.

7. Are there any Gopherthat you think are cool? can answer yourself yo ~

Matchmaker is cool,Beego project star million, a lot of fans, very impressive.

Of course, we seven cattle to old Xu led almost the whole company is very cool Gopher, haha.

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