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After a lapse of 3 months to contact the application packaging, is a toss

Let's talk about this experience:

It becomes the packing time reduced to 4 hours (most of the time is xcode7 or the reason of iOS9), the constant is still the pit!!

Okay, nonsense, let's talk about how to publish an app to Apple app store!

Before the Xcode7, the user is not directly debugging the real machine, you must have a developer account can be real machine! Once the Xcode7 appears, users can install the app directly on their phone

1=====> first you have to pay Apple 99 knives to become Apple's full-platform developer (Xcode7 before, 99 can only develop iOS apps), he will turn your Apple ID into a developer account, this is the most basic

2=====> in Xcode's preference to fill in your developer account

3=====> Register app ID and fill in the bundle in Xcode Identifier

Add an app ID to the developer site, which is specifically for you

---------------------------I'm a gorgeous split-line-------------------------

Bundle ID is generally written in COM. your company name. App Name!

Then continue

---------------------------I'm a gorgeous split-line-------------------------

Then open Xcode and select Target > Summary. Enter the above-registered Bundle Identifierin the Identifier input box.

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4=====> Creating a publishing certificate (distribution Certificate)

iOS apps have a security certificate for verifying developer identities and signatures

Open the keychain on your Mac, then open the Certificate Assistant and choose to issue a certificate from a certificate authority

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Add just the. CSR signature file.

Refresh the page, and then you can download the certificate. Install after download.

In the final step, open keychain Access. Select the private key that you just installed, and the export item in the Select menu exports the private key. Back up the exported private key to a safe place so that the system can be restored later. (This share is shared by the team)

5=====> Create Distribution Provisioning profile (commonly known as PP file)

Open provisioning Portal, select Provisioning-Distribution, select Add a new profile. Distribution method to select the app Store,app ID you need to enter the app ID that you requested earlier. The certificate also selects the. cer file that you just started the application for. After the submission, you will need to refresh this page. You can then download and install the profile. Post-installation profile is added to Xcode. And then you can forget it.



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6=====> using distribution profile as the application signature

Open Xcode and select Code Signing in the Build Settings . On the Release Setup, select the distribution profile you just requested.

Be sure to choose a build target for iOS device, then click Archiving to start packaging your app.

Click Edit Schemes to set Archive to release.

7=====> upload app in itunes Connect

Create your app on itunes connect (I just forgot to create a new one (7th and 8 steps in reverse), so it resulted in an error, reported that my bundle ID is not legal, and it took a long time to know I should be in itunes Connect first new app line)


------------is mainly the following---------------

---------------------------I'm a gorgeous split-line-------------------------

8=====> Packaging App

This allows you to add a local app to connect, and then you can build the

Then put the information on this page to fill in the correct can be submitted (many pits!!!)

Again, this time the submission is due to Xcode7 or ios9 problems:

1). When submitting the App Store, this error suddenly occurs (Xcode7 never encountered before, do not know whether it is Xcode7 or iOS9 pot)

The search for technical articles says there are three situations that can cause this problem:

1. Check that the boot image is not in. png format

2.Put those images at the root level of your project

3. Place a boot image named "[Email protected]", the size is 640?x?1136 pixel placed in your project root directory

That's how my app solves this problem.

2). When you fill in the information in the itunes Connect, the app picture is not legal, first of all must ask the size is 1024*1024

The cause is that your picture has rounded corners

The workaround is to use the paint tool to save it as a. jpg format, and then convert it to. png format (you can also do not have to go)

Solve the problem!

3). When you fill in the information in itunes Connect, the screenshot picture is not the method (here is the pixel I manually changed, too painful, I do not want to get ...)

Your size must be required:

3.5 640 x 960

4.0 640 x 1136

4.7 x 1334 5.5 1242 x 2208 ipad 1024x768 x 768

[Go]xcode7--ios Development---Publish apps to App Store

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