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Publish an APP to the app store and an app to the store

Publish an APP to the app store and an app to the store I haven't written a blog for a long time. I have been learning new things, so I can't win. I recently used the AC platform to learn how to develop mobile apps. Today I started to publish APPs. After being compiled into

IPhone application submission process: how to publish an app to the App Store?

For developers who have just joined the ranks of iOS app development, the most important historical time after completing the first application after coding is to submit the application to the iTunes App Store. The xcode 4.2 development tool has already streamlined app submission, but the first submission is always excited and questionable. This article describes

IPhone application submission process: how to publish an App to the App Store?

need to read the following text. Let me give you a thumbs up because I have no credit or hard work. Just share it with me! If you find any translation error, leave a message.IOS development Book recommendation IOS developers should first start learning from Objective-C language. Then, start practical development. The following are well-recognized iOS development tutorial books in the iOS development industry: 1. studious Objective-C/Turing programming series (US) Devo 2. OBJECTIVE-C Basics 3. B

Publish the iOS app to the Apple App Store complete process

Reference: (Xcode APP Package and submit Apple Audit detail process (new version update submission review))Http:// to publish an iOS app to the Apple app STORE)Develo

Publish the iOS app to the Apple App Store complete process

Reference: (Xcode APP Package and submit Apple Audit detail process (new version update submission review))Http:// to publish an iOS app to the Apple app STORE)Develo

Publish iOS app (XCODE5) to the App Store (Apple Store) for detailed analysis

choice of this interface is whether your application is charged, free of charge on the choice of the other options, I upload all the free application, the application of pay in this step is not aware of. Pay for the application, security must be concerned about, recommended before uploading to see if their own app is necessary to do the necessary protective meas

Publish your web app to the Cloud-azure Web App with one click

We are now more and more traditional applications, gradually migrating to the cloud, the original private cloud deployment model, and gradually to the cloud PAAs IaaS transformation. For example:We request VM VMs in Cloud Azure, deploy our web apps to the VMs in IIS, and do high availability sets and NLB for cloud services for load balancing and high availability of Web applications.Above this is a common cloud deployment mode (IaaS mode), we need to continuously operation of this VM, Web applic

"Go" publish iOS app to Apple App Store complete process

version, and the SDK for the project is at least common. AppID correct, both the true Machine Debug certificate and the distribution certificate correspond to the current Xcode settings.First check that your project info is correct, and that the target setting is correct.Then take care not to use the simulator build, to choose Device, to Edit scheme to view archive, is not the use of release!If not, delete the relevant files in the keychain and re-apply to ADP for download!20130510Error uploadi

Web API Series Tutorial 3.10-Combat: Process data (publish app to Azure app Service)

In this last section, you will publish your application to Azure. In the Solution Explorer, right-click the project and select Publish.Click Publish to open the Publish Web dialog box. If you select Host in Cloud when you create a new project, the links and settings are already configured. In this case, simply click on the Settings panel and select "Execute Code

ios-publish app to App Store step (CN)

that's left is a package upload.Select the simulator device.Then there isCompiling in Project->archiveAnd then you can upload it to AppStore.And the last step is to login to the developer center to find itunes Connect appFind ready to submit, built-in version to find the app you just uploaded,Then click Submit for review.Here's the point.At the bottom of this place I was dead n timesFinally, the final solution, because there is a certificate expired

Detailed steps for the iOS app to publish to the App Store

have passed the choice of manual, you can manually confirm that the release is automatically released after the approval of the automatic release of the last choice when you publish the regular release is generally for the convenience of synchronization on-lineC: Schema version upload successful style what kind of????there will be an app icon + upload date option in the corresponding options section below.

[Web API series tutorial] 3.10-practice: process data (publish an App to Azure App Service)

[Web API series tutorial] 3.10-practice: process data (publish an App to Azure App Service) In the last section, you will release the application to Azure. In Solution Explorer, right-click the project and select Publish. Click Publish to open the

iOS Development Create development certificate and publish app (eight)--upload app using application Loader tool

8. Upload the app using the application Loader toolContinue to the seventh step of the app created in itunes, open the app, asAfter clicking the Details button, click the Ready to Upload binary button in the upper right corner, asPop up a window asking if there is an encryption algorithm in the code, art export law prohibits any encrypted software from flowing ab

How to publish an app to the Apple app Store

picture size of 3.5-inch is 960*640 or 640*960, or 960*600, or620*900, these are available in several sizes. 4-inch's picture size is 1136x640, 1136x600, 640x1136 or640x1096, it is best to press and hold the Power key and home key when debugging, so the size is certainly not wrong.Click Continue to appear, the project is waiting for the upload status, you can choose to edit the relevant information of the projectNext package the application (if you have already applied to

iOS Development Create development certificate and publish app (v)--compile app

From: HTTP://WWW.JKQNB.COM/YDKF/ARTICLE/375. compiling the applicationRecently upgraded IOS7, have no time to write, finally finished, completed the unfinished workSince the adaptation of iOS7, so Xcode also upgraded to 5, so the following basic on the XCODE5, the previous version of the basic is similarOpen the target configuration file for the project, such assuch as red selected parts, debug click on the right, select the previous download of the development certificate, for development testi

Apple phone how to download free app?iphone free download fee app

1. If we search Rhonna deigns software in the App Store, we'll need 12 bucks to use it. 2. If you do not install Apple's App Store retail app on your iPhone, you can search for downloads in the App Store. 3. OK, we've installed the app Store on the iphone and now click

How do I publish an app on GooglePlay?

installation.Product Sales and Pricing Gives you the tools to set prices for apps and in-app products. Your app can be downloaded for free or for a paid download, which requires payment to download. If you publish as a free

Free fish app How to add friends to idle fish app adding friends method sharing

To the users of free fish software to detailed analysis to share the method of adding friends. Method Sharing: Idle fish app can not add friends directly, but you can search the user's ID to find its Wenwang said, and then you use Wang Wang Mobile version, click on the other side of the avatar into an interface, in the upper right corner of the interface will have a "contact each other" option, this

How to publish a package and publish your Android app _android

The first step is to select the item you want to package in eclipse, and then right-click-Select export, and a packed balloon pops up, as shown in the following figure. When you press Next, a prompt box will continue to appear, where you can select the items you want to package (by default, which is just selected), as shown below: Press next to pop up a tip about "Keystore", select "Create New Keystore", and browse and select the path to save the signature file. (On the principle of keyst

Publish app to AppStore whole process

To publish the first need to publish the certificate, its acquisition and installation of the basic process and the Real Machine Debug certificate consistent, about the acquisition and use of the real Machine Debug certificate can refer to this article. But now Xcode7 do not need a real Machine Debug certificate can also realize the debugging of the real machine, you can refer to this article.To obtain a ce

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