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Head First Java is the complete object-oriented (Object-oriented,oo) programming and Java Learning Guide. This book is based on the theory of learning, which allows you to start from the basics of learning programming language to include threads, networks, and distributed programs. Most importantly, you'll learn how to think like an object-oriented developer.

And not just reading dead books, you can also play games, puzzles, puzzles and interacting with Java in unexpected ways. In these activities, you will write a bunch of real Java programs, including a ship fire fight game and a Web chat program.

The head first series's Illustrated learning approach allows you to quickly grasp the knowledge in your mind. Be open-minded and ready to learn these key themes:

*java Program Language

* Object-oriented program development

*swing graphical interface

* Using the Java API function library

* Writing, testing and deployment applications

* Handling Exceptions

* Multithreading

* Network Programming

* Set and generics

If you want to see the "seriously" book, go find the other one. But if you really want to learn Java well, you'll need Head first java. This book is one of the top ten best books recommended by Amazon editors!

Author profile ...

Kathy has been interested in learning theories since she started designing games (she has written games for Virgin, MGM and Amblin) and developed AI applications. Most of the format of Head first series came from her hand, specifically, she taught "entertainmentastudies" research project at UCLA Extension (UCLA) Newamedia Interactivity "(New media interaction) course completed. Recently, she became a senior trainer at Sun Microsystems, who teaches Sun's Java instructors How to teach the latest Java technology, and participates in the development of several sun certification exams, including the SCWCD exam. Together with Bert Bates, she actively trained thousands of developers using head first concept. She is also one of the founders of Javaranch.com, the world's largest Java community web site, which won the 2003 and 2004 software Development magazine Productivity Awards. Her hobbies include running, skiing, horseback riding, skateboarding, and hyper-science.

1 entering the world of Java
How Java Works
Program Structure of Java
Anatomy class
Main () method
Conditional Branch
Design program
Terminology Manufacturing Machines
Conversation record
2 visit to the target village
Chair Wars
What is a class?
Create your first object
Use Main ()
Guess numbers
3 Understanding Variables
declaring variables
Primitive Master Data types
Java keywords
Reference variable
Declaration and assignment of an object
Recyclable heap Space
4 Behavior of objects
Methods for manipulating object state
Method parameters and return types
Value passing
Getters and Setters
The references in the array
5 Super Strength method
Create battleship Games
Simple version
Writing pseudo Code
Writing Programs
Complete version
Generate random numbers with math.random ()
Pre-entered Good program
Type conversions
Convert a string with Integer.parseint ()
6 using the Java function library
7 Object Village of Quality life
8 in-depth polymorphism
9 Objects of past life
10 numbers are important.
11 Risky behavior
12 See the Illustrated Story
13 Using Swing
14 Saving objects
15 Network online
16 Data structures
17 Release Programs
18 Distributed computing
Appendix A: Procedural cuisine decision version
Appendix B: Ten Pearls of regret

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Head First Java (2nd edition) Chinese version pdf

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